Water Parks in Dubai

Dubai’s Best Water Parks

Dubai features countless amusement parks and waterparks, being one of the most-loved holiday destinations. With so many options, picking the best water parks in Dubai can be a tough task. The water rides and the daredevil slides throwing you into a massive pool are surely tempting. Hence, whether you are coming with your mates or family, you will love spending every moment in these parks. Furthermore, the best part is most of them have a separate area for kids. From an Arabian-themed park to Legoland Waterpark, we bet you will have a fun time at these parks.

FAQs on Water Parks in Dubai

1. Wild Wadi Waterpark

The first water theme park that tops the list is the Wild Wadi Waterpark. Located at the Burj Al Arab’s forefront, Wild Wadi is the first and the only Arabian-theme water park in Dubai. Wild Wadi used to feature some mind-blowing water slides, especially outside North America. However, things have changed after the addition of new rides. The park is quite famous and appeared on various television shows, like The Amazing Race and The Amazing Race Asia. A few must-try rides include Breaker’s Bay, a majestic wave pool, Jumeirah Sceirah, Burj Surj, and Masters Blasters. Wild Wadi is a few minutes away from the Mall of Emirates on Jumeirah Road.

2. Atlantis Aquaventure

The next on the list of the best waterpark in Dubai for adults is the Atlantis Aquaventure. Surprisingly, it turned out to be one of the famed landmarks of Dubai. Besides, thousands of people from corners of the world visit the city to explore this thrill park. The record-breaking rides are a major attraction of the waterpark. However, the shark lagoon is equally thrilling, where you will come close to the pool full of ferocious sharks. Aquaventure is an ideal family waterpark featuring more than 105 mind-boggling rides and attractions. Furthermore, a private beach is also present to get yourself tanned in the sun. Some unique and thrilling rides you will spot here are Leap of Faith, Shark Attack, and Cownose.

3. Yas Waterworld

Another exciting water theme park that visitors love is the Yas Waterworld. Located in Yas Island, it is pure bliss for adrenaline seekers. Featuring more than 40 different water rides, slides, and attractions, it is worth visiting. Besides, due to its overall structure, fun elements, and experiences, Yas Waterworld is often compared to other famous waterparks across the globe. Furthermore, it received many awards for obvious reasons.

4. Splash n Party

Designed especially for kids, Splash n Party is equally fun and interesting for adults. This waterpark has been made for kids between 2-10 and is ideal to host kids’ parties as the park can accommodate large groups. It has an amazing lively vibe with all the bright-colored rides. Since it is for kids between 2-10, the height of the rides is kept at the waist level for their safety.

5. Iceland Waterpark

Situated in Ras Al Khaimah, the Iceland Waterpark is yet another park that tourists love. As you can tell from the name, it is an ice-theme park- an ideal place to beat the Dubai heat. A one-hour drive from the main city, it is perfect to spend a memorable time with your loved ones. Iceland Waterpark features 15 different rides, a massive pool, and beach access. Besides, a dedicated entertainment team is present to take responsibility for young kids. The biggest attraction of the park is the Penguin Falls- an artificial waterfall ever made. The fun gets doubled with a scenic view of the Hajar Mountains in the east.

6. Legoland Waterpark

Turn your childhood fantasies into reality by putting life to the Legos. It is one of the most popular waterparks in Dubai, particularly designed for kids between 2-12. Some popular rides of Legoland Waterpark are Splash Safari and Joker Soaker. However, another unique opportunity you must not miss is making your own boat using Legos and riding it.

7. Aqua Parks Leisure

Located on Kite Beach, it is Dubai’s first poolwater park. You will spot a huge pool with thrilling rides and equipment, using which you can play various games. Besides, the Aqua Parks Leisure is perfect to organize birthday parties for small ones. Moreover, you can book it for other private parties as well. Spending a day here will ensure some fun-filled moments with your loved ones.

8. Aqua Fun Water Park

Dubai never disappoints anyone in terms of activities and attractions. So, presenting the Aqua Fun Water Park- the world’s biggest inflatable waterpark. Located on JBR Beach, it is surely one heck of an experience. Each ride ensures visitors have fun with exercise. Therefore slide, swing, balance, climb, and have fun while crossing the obstacles in this floating park.

  • There are no such dress codes for the Dubai Waterparks. You can wear simple swim wears to have ultimate fun.
  • Avoid wearing abayas or hijabs since these get stuck in the slides and can sabotage your safety. Similarly, avoid wearing loose pants, jeans, or shirts.
  • Bikinis and Speedos are not allowed. Women must wear two-piece swimsuits, and men can opt for board shorts.

Wild Wadi Waterpark- Located close to the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Wild Wadi Waterpark holds the theme of Arabian folklore character. Some thrilling rides to try are Jumeirah Sceirah, Burj Surj, Tantrum Alley, and more.

Aquaventure Waterpark- It is the biggest waterpark in the city and is packed with exciting thrilling rides and activities such as zip-lining, swimming amidst hundreds of sharks, and more. Let’s not forget the thrilling rides like Leap of Faith, Tower of Neptune, etc.

Legoland Waterpark- The famous Legoland Waterpark is solely for kids. We bet the fun rides and attractions here promise good times for the little ones. They get the chance to make their own boat using Lego bricks.

Atlantis Shark Safari- As the name says, this activity involves swimming with the sharks. Couples have to swim through tubes covered with sharks, porcupines, and parrotfish.

Splash n Party- It is one of the most popular couple-friendly waterparks in the city, filled with water slides, splash pads, and more. Besides, you will find a juice bar and a restaurant that serves delicious food.

Laguna Waterpark- Another couple-friendly waterpark in the city that has a private beach for the visitors to relax and even sip on refreshing cocktails. The exciting water rides include the twisty Manta ride.

The Aquaventure Waterpark is the biggest in the city. It offers mind-blowing experiences to everyone with its action-packed slides and rides. Besides, it offers some mind-blowing amenities too.

Wild Wadi and Atlantis Aquaventure are the two most popular waterparks in Dubai, but the latter one was built after Wild Wadi. However, the ride options and variety are better and more in Atlantis Aquaventure.

Yas Waterworld houses 40 thrilling rides and slides. Visitors can enjoy a fun-filled day here. The popularity of the waterpark is not just in Dubai but across the world.

Yes, the visitors must carry their own costumes and towels when visiting the waterparks in Dubai.

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