Dubai Adventure Tours

Dubai’s Best Adventure Tours

For someone who seeks a new rush or experience every day, the Emirates should be in their list of top 10 holiday destinations. Avail of the Dubai Adventure Tour Packages and explore this famous metropolis solely to participate in mind-blowing adventures. With so many options to try, you will legit feel confused between the one to choose and leave. From snorkeling in the Arabian Gulf to enjoying the thrill of dune bashing, the endless activities in Dubai will make you keep coming back to this amazing city. Dubai gained fame over the years for its splendid future-based architectural achievements. However, travelers choose this city for an array of adventure sports as well that caters to almost every age.

Dubai is a perfect fuse of avant-garde architecture, marvelous beaches, and gorgeous nightlife. However, that’s not all, the treasure of spine-chilling activities is also loved by tourists from across the globe. Skydiving, parasailing, flyboarding, and hot air balloon rides- these are only a few. Other options that might fascinate you include swimming with the sharks, scary water rides, and desert safaris in 4×4 vehicles. Therefore, you can say that your days in Dubai will be memorable.

The plethora of adventurous activity options to try and indulge in will create tons of memories for you. You will find various water rides in the amusement parks but nothing matches the out-of-the-world feeling of swimming with sharks and dolphins at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo and Dolphinarium. Furthermore, the Dubai Adventure Packages also include Skydiving, a heart-pounding jump from an airplane while cherishing the stunning city view.

If you haven’t tried dune bashing yet, probably you are a step away from living your life. However, if you are into water adventure sports, try your hands on snorkeling, scuba diving, and wakeboarding. Still want to bring out the daredevil in you, try the hot-air balloon ride or mountain biking.

Therefore, with all these adventure sports and activities, your trip to Dubai will be unforgettable. Moreover, the experiences will stay with you as a lifetime reminiscence.

Dubai Adventure Tours FAQs

  • Dune bashing- The first activity in the list is dune bashing for obvious reasons. It is one of the most striking and thrilling activities to try. You have to ride a 4×4 vehicle through the Dubai desert and bash the dunes in full force.
  • Sandboarding- Similar to snowboarding, sandboarding is equally fun and exciting. However, the difference lies in the surface. While snowboarding is done on smooth ice surfaces, sandboarding is done on the Dubai sands.
  • Bungee Jumping- Haven’t tried bungee jumping? If you are in Dubai for a holiday with your friends, try it. Jumping together with your friend and your scream leading to a wild chorus is surely a different feeling.
  • Snorkeling- If you want to try something safe but adventurous in Dubai, then snorkeling is for you. Swim deep into the ocean bed of the Persian Gulf and explore the mystical marine world.
  • Shark diving- Sharks are calm but ferocious. Experience it by yourself with your closest buddies and make lifetime memories.
  • Parasailing- Parasailing is one of the best thrilling water sports you will try. Cherish the captivating beauty of the city while you float in the sky above the sea.
  • Jet Skiing- Feel a boost of happy hormones as you speed through Dubai water in a jet ski. Filled with fun, thrill, and gorgeous views of the city, it is unmissable.
  • Scuba diving- If the underwater life soothes your mind and soul, try scuba diving. The colorful fishes, rays, weeds, and other marine animals will leave you in awe.

A few popular beaches in Dubai where water sports are practiced include Kite Beach, Sunset Beach, Palm Jumeirah Beach, and La Mer Beach.

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