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Dubai’s Top Water Sports & Activities

Choose from only the best water sports in Dubai to get a thrilling experience. Book your ticket online to get the best deals and offers on water sports Dubai. Dubai welcomes those seeking a bit of adventure and thrill with a plethora of water sports activities meant for both amateurs and professionals. Dubai, otherwise known for its opulent shopping malls and tall skyscrapers is also blessed with a stunning coastline dotted with beautiful beaches. It’s the sparkling turquoise waters of these scenic beaches that provide the perfect venue for you to splash in for some thrilling water sports. That said, we should inform you that water sports in Dubai aren’t limited to only the beaches.

An economic hub. A center for global logistics. The jewel in the crown of the Middle East. Dubai is all this and much more. It also happens to be a tourism hotspot. Millions come down every year to soak in the endless pleasure opportunities that Dubai has to offer.

One of the first images that come up before our eyes when we say “Middle East” is an unending desert landscape. However, Dubai is not just about only deserts. There are ample opportunities for indulging in water sports as well. The huge coastline by the azure Persian Gulf, stunning beaches, and tranquil waters – all contribute towards making Dubai a hotspot for water sports enthusiasts from all over the world.

Read on to know more about the various water sports activities in Dubai.


Head for the Atlantis, The Palm, for some awesome diving experience. The Aquarium Diving here is among the most coveted of its kind in Dubai. With over 65,000 colorful marine animals for the company – including sharks and manta rays, – you would be having a thrilling underwater experience in one of the largest aquariums in the world, whether you are an expert or a beginner-level diver.

Speed Boating

A wonderful way to ensure thrills & chills for your entire family, the speed boating activity in Dubai takes you across the eye-popping cityscape, over the clear waters of the Gulf. Check out the wonderful beachfront as the boating starts from Dubai Jumeirah Beach. Enjoy the speed as you rush through the waters and take great pics!


This one’s an adrenaline rush and a calming activity, at the same time. Attached to a boat, the parachute would be wrapped around you. As the boat gains speed, you would soar up to the skies. Once up there, you would settle down and soak in the sun amidst the clouds as the paragon beauty of the megalopolis lies below you, stretching into the horizon. It’s the closest you can come to feeling like a bird.

Fly Fishing

One of the most in-demand water sports in Dubai, the Fly Fishing is a fun and adventurous activity at the same time. You would be strapped on to a huge inflatable E-shaped device, guided by a speedboat. Rise into the sky, feel the wind in your face and watch the stunning Dubai skyline while you are having the thrill of a lifetime.


This shark-shaped vehicle looks straight out a sci-fi or a James Bond movie! This two-seater vehicle – one seat each for the tourist & the instructor – will jet-set across the water surface at speed of almost 90 kmph, dive under the water for a few feet, and zip-zap-zoom almost 20 feet into the sky! This is one pulse-pounding activity you can’t afford to miss!

Water Skiing

You would zoom along the water surface on a ski, splashing water all around and feel the thrill in your heart! Reach high speeds and let the Dubai coastline sweep past you as the wind hits your face and gives you a wonderful feeling!

Swimming with Dolphins

The Dubai Dolphinarium in Creek Park houses bottlenose dolphins, fur seals, and a large variety of exotic parrots. Go for the Swimming with Dolphins program and get up close with these beautiful, amiable, and highly intelligent sea animals. Both kids and adults enjoy swimming with these adorable dolphins. The seals & dolphins also put up a number of stunning shows for you.


Another immensely popular water sport in Dubai, windsurfing combines surfing & sailing to create a thrilling sporting activity. Sail across the azure waters of the Gulf, aided by the winds, as the stunning Jumeirah coastline is right there in front of you.

The sheer variety that Dubai offers in its water sports options is truly amazing. They are suitable for people of different ages and skill levels. The prices for participating in water sports come as a pleasant surprise for visitors since they are very reasonable. So, do go ahead and splash into the water for your favorite adventure on your trip to Dubai.

You must be excited and raring to go, aren’t you? Wait no more, pack your bags and make sure that you have a go at a water sport from the ones we have listed below. Our guide is sure to be handy when you plan your water sports itinerary in Dubai.

Dubai Water Sports & Activities

Transfer Option

Ticket from

Banana Boat Ride in Dubai

Without Transfer

AED 100

Wild Wadi Waterpark Ticket

Without Transfer

AED 265

Jetski Rental Dubai Marina

Without Transfer

AED 325

Jet Ski Jumeirah Beach

Without Transfer

AED 325

Parasailing Dubai

Without Transfer

AED 340

Scuba Diving in Dubai

Without Transfer

AED 400

Deep Sea Fishing Trip in Dubai

Without Transfer

AED 2000


These experiences are best for water sports in Dubai.

The temperature in the months of March and April is a bit mild and that makes it the best time of the year for water sports and other outdoor activities in Dubai.

There are many things that make Dubai proud and famous the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and the world’s largest man-made island the Palm Jumeirah to name just a few. Apart from these attractions, what makes Dubai a hot destination is the exotic world cuisine it offers and its jaw-dropping opulence. The charisma and vibes of this truly special destination make your vacation in Dubai simply unforgettable.

Safety guidelines are followed with great care in all of UAE. The authorities are very strict as well. Moreover, before the start of any sport, every participant is given a thorough safety briefing and every water sport is carried out under the watchful eyes of trained professionals.