Dhow Cruise in Dubai

Have you been told that the only way to experience Dubai is to indulge in shopping and fine dining? Let us break that myth for you. Step on to a Dhow cruise and absorb the vibrant energy of Dubai. Yes, you will set sail on a traditional ship made of wood on the clear waters, sailing by the scenic coastline while feasting your eyes on the beautiful scenery.

Why Should You Take This Cruise?

Dhow cruises are very popular and each year tourists from all over the globe take this and have a fabulous experience, so there is no reason why you should miss out on it. A dhow cruise is conducted from multiple locations all over Dubai. If you are looking for a break from the hectic city life then this cruise is just perfect for you. Enjoy sailing on the beautiful waters and enjoy a huge dose of silence with a beautiful scenery to keep you company. So, if you want to have the time of your life, you just need to book a Dhow cruise.

How To Choose The Right Dhow Cruise

Choosing the right Dhow cruise can be confusing, but with a little systematic approach you can achieve it. Now, you must remember that you must begin by comparing each cruise, as they offer different facilities and have different durations. Also, compare the prices and then make your decision.

What Are The Inclusions Of The Tour

Depending on the tour you select, the following will be served on our Dhow Cruise:
  • You will be served refreshments and soft drinks on the cruise
  • Cultural performance like Belly dancing and Tanura dance by local artists
  • Live singing or music
  • The duration of the cruise depends on the package
  • Dinner buffet will be served
  • Coffee and dates will be served on arrival
  • The cruise will be equipped with separate toilets for both genders

Cancellation Policy

This totally depends on the cruise you have selected. Some cruises allow cancellation if you cancel before  the booking is confirmed, while some others do allow cancellation once you have booked.

Safety Measures On The Cruise

You can be rest assured that these cruises are very safe, you will be looked after by trained professionals at all times.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • These cruises have their own set of rules which you must follow at all times in order to avoid getting penalized
  • Do not take pictures of other people without their permission
  • You are not allowed to bring any outside food
  • Please wear modest and respectable clothes, do not wear short or revealing clothes as they are considered to be very offensive.

Dhow Cruise Dubai FAQs

Why is the Dhow Cruise ride popular in Dubai?

Dhow Cruise includes a two-hour journey filled with some entertaining activities on board and good food. Indulge in a breathtaking view of the city and the gorgeous coastline while the cruise sails. Besides, there are exclusive entertainment options like Tanura dance, live music, and more. Furthermore, Dhow Cruise arranges some extraordinary meal prep for the guests.

Where is the location in Dubai?

Dhow Cruise is a never-like-before experience where you can enjoy the captivating vistas of the city. Located near the Majed Al Rahim Mosque, it serves one of the most delicious dinner menus, and complimentary snacks and drinks to everyone.

Is there any difference between Creek Dhow Cruise and Marina Dhow Cruise?

The Creek Dhow Cruise and the Marina Dhow Cruise look aesthetically different. While the Creek Dhow gives an ancient overview of Dubai, Dhow Cruise lets you explore the cosmopolitan vibe. Besides, Creek Dhow is comparatively cheaper than Dhow Cruise.

When to go for a Dhow Cruise Marina ride?

The best time to go on the Dhow Cruise ride is around 9 pm. However, you must reach the dock around 8.30 pm. It is the best time to have dinner, and the scenic beauty of the surroundings looks ravishing.

Will I get complimentary snacks?

We provide complimentary snacks and drinks to our guests.

Do you include veg items in your menu?

Yes, for the convenience of our guests, we include both veg and non-veg items in our menu.