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AED 149.00


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Grab the Museum of the Future Tickets: This museum lets you dwell on the real next-gen experiences with its implementation of innovative technologies. An initiative of Dubai Future Foundation, the museum is a space for extreme creativity and unimagined possibilities. Located in the heart of the city, the Museum of the Future has become an expressive landmark for tourists. Visit the museum and go on a journey of exploring a future of sustainability. Come out with immersive experiences of how the world will be after 50 years from now.

Ticket Details
Tour Duration:2 Hours
Tour Availability:Daily
Adult Price:AED 149
Child PriceAED 149
Pick up & Drop Off:Optional
Pickup TimeDepending on availability

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  • World-Class Architecture

The impressive structure of the Museum of the Future has made it National Geographic’s one of the most beautiful museums in the world. It has a height of 225 feet and covers an area of 30, 548m2..Shaun Killa, its designer, has created a lightweight façade using stainless steel and 1024 pieces with the aid of a specialized robot-system process. Thanks to the artistic use of Arabic calligraphy by Mattar bin Lahej, which is making the exterior further enriching. Covering the façade, the calligraphy is molded into each panel, creating the glazed window penetrations.

  • Engage with the Game-Changing Technology and Revive Your Senses

All seven floors of the museum will showcase how next-gen solutions can improve our lives. The floors look like an expansive movie set. A team of filmmakers, artists, and visionary designers has curated the museum to be a blend of themed attractions, exhibitions, and immersive theatre. Touch and feel what your future world will be like. Some of the focus topics of the museum are space travel, wellness and spirituality, ecology, and climatic change. The 3D wall, capsule-shaped elevators, cool flying objects, DNA Library, and Digital Amazon will make you feel a rush of adrenaline.

  • Let Your Little Ones Enjoy at Future Heroes

Future Heroes gives your kids the chance to get an open-world experience where they can play and learn through activities. It encourages the children to develop future-focused skills like creativity, collaboration, and communication. Future Hero is an imitation of video games that is free of screens. Your child will have unlimited fun exploring activities, facing challenges, and collecting rewards.

Museum of the Future Tickets Inclusions

  • Entry into the Museum of the Future
  • Full access to the amenities and museum experience
  • Already-Discussed Transfers

Booking Policy

  • Book a time slot to enter the museum
  • The booked tickets are valid only for a specific time and date.
  • 100% charges will be deducted for canceling the tickets.
  • Free entry for children under 3 years.
  • Adult rates for children above 3 years

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