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Interesting Facts About Dubai Mall Aquarium

Interesting Facts About Dubai Mall Aquarium

10 Interesting Facts of Dubai Mall Aquarium you should know: The magnificent city of Dubai offers a wide range of the most mind-blowing attractions for tourists. These sites captivate tourists of every hue and create the urge inside them to return for more. And of the many such sites in Dubai – both artificial & natural – a key one is the Dubai Mall Aquarium.

Located in Dubai Mall – the world’s largest shopping mall – the Dubai Mall Aquarium is a fascinating place to view diverse marine life from up close. You would feel like being a part of a Natural Geographic Channel program as you get to see aquatic animals from a stone’s throw distance that you have seen only on TV till now. Don’t forget to check the Dubai Mall Aquarium tickets offers that is available on our website.

Read on to know 10 interesting facts of Dubai Mall Aquarium, let’s check out:

1. Huge Collection of Animal Species

More than 30,000 animals – belonging to over 140 marine species – make the Dubai Mall Aquarium their home. That is a mind-boggling number, for sure. It’s almost like a standalone marine ecosystem out here. Clownfish, sharks, crocodiles – you name it, the aquarium houses it. The largest collection of Sand Tiger Sharks in the world can also be found here.

2. The World’s Largest Aquarium

Length x breadth x height = 51 meters x 20 meters x 11 meters. These eye-popping numbers are the dimensions of the Dubai Mall Aquarium. It holds over 10 million liters of water. And these numbers have made the Dubai Mall Aquarium the proud claimant to the title of “the world’s largest aquarium of its kind,” as per the Guinness Book of World Records.

3. Opportunity for Cage Diving

Feel like watching the aquatic fauna from an arm’s-length distance – but wondering how? Well, you can get the opportunity at Dubai Mall Aquarium. Get inside a sturdy cage and dive into the depths of the aquarium. You would be getting to see stingrays, sharks, and other potentially dangerous marine fauna from up close – while being fully safe inside the cage. This is an activity that you shouldn’t miss at any cost in the Dubai mall Aquarium.

4. Get a Lot of Insights from the Staff Here

The members of staff at the Dubai Mall Aquarium are extremely cordial – and knowledgeable about the marine ecosystem here. They will be happy to guide you through the entire site and fill you in with fun and important info about the animals here that will make your visit much more rewarding. Especially the kids in the group would enjoy these bits of info even more as the doors of a completely new world open up in front of them here.

5. The Underwater Zoo is an Added Attraction Here

On the 2nd floor of the aquarium, there is an underwater zoo that’s in a class of its own. Divided into 3 zones – rocky shore, living ocean, and rain forest – the zoo houses various marine creatures from all across the globe. The multiple individual displays here will make you filled with awe as you become a part of something close to a National Geographic video shoot!

6. The Underwater Tunnel Maximizes the Fun Quotient

The 50-meter-long underwater tunnel provides a 270-degree viewing experience to tourists that is as thrilling as it is immersive. The thick & immensely strong glass walls of the tunnel ensure your safety as you are surrounded on all sides by the marvelous underwater ecosystem. Experience the colorful creatures swimming all around you as you take in more and more of this terrific experience.

7. Don’t Miss the Boat Ride

It’s not just a plain-Jane boat ride – it’s a ride in a glass-bottom boat. That makes this ride at the Dubai Mall Aquarium a unique experience that is also quite thrilling. The aquatic creatures will swim by under your feet, allowing you an opportunity to view them from real up close.

8. Diving With the Sharks

This one’s definitely not for the faint of heart! Prepare for an adrenaline rush as you dive deep, amidst the scary stingrays & sharks. Of course, you would need to have the necessary skills to indulge in this sport and would also have to produce the proof of such skills. But having done that, this pulsating activity offers unlimited opportunities for chills & thrills, while also allowing for scope of exploring these deep-sea creatures.

9. Scope for Knowledge Upgrade of Kids

Kids studying in grades kindergarten to 12 can take part in the various customized ocean education programs at the Dubai Mall Aquarium. Available in both Arabic & English, these programs offer much-needed knowledge about the wonderfully diverse underwater ecosystem, while also providing dollops of fun to the kids.

10. Chance to Know the “Behind-the-Scenes” Activities of the Aquarium

A humongous amount of effort & care go into making the aquarium visit successful for the tourists. Let the members of staff here bring you up-to-date on these. Get to know about the maintenance of the animals, feeding them, keeping the aquarium hospitable, the quarantine zones, and many other activities that keep the animals in the best of health & spirits.