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Get the Deep Dive Dubai tickets and enjoy a next-level diving experience at the much-hyped attraction of the city. The Deep Dive Pool took the name to the Guinness Book of World Records as the deepest pool in the world. Did you know that the name has been taken from Poland’s Deepspot? The attraction is not just a famous tourist spot. In fact, you get the opportunity to plunge into a massive pool that runs approximately 60 meters deep. The pool is present inside an oyster-like structure and covers an area of approximately 1500 square meters. Deep Dive Dubai highlights the famous pearl diving heritage of the region.

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Tour Duration:  Minutes
Tour Availability: Daily
Adult Price: AED 
Child Price: AED 
Pick up & Drop: Optional
Pickup Time: Depending on availability

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Inclusions of Deep Dive Dubai Tickets

  • A brief discussion on the basics of scuba diving.
  • Get detailed information on equipment.
  • Visitors will get detailed training sessions from experts.
  • Premium Discover Scuba Dive.
  • Get edited videos of the activity.
  • Wall certificates for everyone.
  • Dive shop credits.
  • Discover snorkeling
  • Snorkeling experts will teach the activity- basics, tricks, and handling the equipment.
  • Special swim vests to try snorkeling.

Witness the World’s Deepest Pool

Dubai’s Deep Dive ticket offers outstanding experiences. With 14 million liters of fresh water and an unbelievable depth of 60 meters, it is definitely one of the deepest pools in the world. Besides, the massive capacity is almost similar to the six Olympic ring-size pools. Diving here means you can break records by reaching the extreme depths of water and moving beyond your comfort zone. Furthermore, you won’t feel discomfort underneath the water as the temperature is maintained at 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Experience the beauty of the underwater city

Participating in the detailed underwater diving session means grabbing the opportunity to explore the sunken city. Besides, the state-of-the-art light and sound system make Deep Dive a real marine wonder. Grabbing exciting discounts on Deep Dive Dubai tickets means you will be experiencing unlimited thrill. So, go ahead and swim through buildings, oceanic libraries, game arenas, and more.

Try different diving programs

The exclusive diving opportunities you find here are perfect to entertain beginners and experts. Besides, the diving packages offered are available in three different categories- Discover, Dive, and Develop. Beginners can enroll for Discover, certified divers can go for Dive programs, and Develop is mainly a scuba diving program that can be tried by everyone.

Enjoy the finest diving experience with safety

Deep Dive Dubai welcomes everyone and the best part is the entire facility is built with 100% fail-safe safety systems. 56 high-tech cameras are fitted underneath the water and a 12-person hyperbaric chamber is present to handle emergencies. Moreover, the pool water is cleaned and filtered with an advanced purification system after every six hours.

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Deep Dive Dubai highlights

  • Enter the deepest pool in the world featuring an unbelievable depth of 60 meters.
  • The surreal ambiance of the attraction and the pool’s capacity to hold 14 million liters of water is surely mind-blowing. Besides, you can swim underneath the water and enjoy thrilling moments.
  • Try a plethora of activities like scuba diving and snorkeling, and check out the largest underwater studio in the region.
  • Don’t miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hone diving skills as you will find multiple programs perfect for the experts and the beginners.
  • Experts will be there to ensure safety. Moreover, the high-tech purification system keeps purifying the pool water after every six hours.

Itinerary details

  • Reach the Deep Dive Dubai and take care of the check-in facility.
  • Go through the paperwork, fill up the waiver form, and pay attention to the safety briefing.
  • Wear the diving equipment and prepare for the dive.
  • Instructions are to be followed at all times to safely enjoy the activity.
  • Let the underwater environment leave you spellbound. Don’t forget to praise the underwater world of Deep Dive Dubai.
  • Separate areas are present for the divers to rest in between the dive.
  • Share the experience with other divers and don’t forget to mention your personal favorite moment.
  • Seize the activity and debrief with the expert instructors.
  • Satiate your hunger cravings at any in-house restaurant or café.

Essential information

  • Visitors are requested to bring a valid ID proof. Your Emirates ID or passport will do.
  • Basic swimming skills are mandatory to enjoy the experiences.
  • Kindly avoid consuming alcohol or other non-prescribed drugs at least 24 hours before the activity.
  • Please fill up the liability release and medical form before coming.
  • We need a doctor’s approval letter, especially if you have any serious medical issues.
  • Reach the activity location at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Visitors above 50 must get a doctor’s approval before coming to Deep Dive Dubai.
  • Bring your legal guardian on the activity day, if you are below 18 years old.
  • Do not bring outside equipment inside Deep Dive Dubai.
  • Things that you can bring inside include a breathing regulator, gauges, fins, and cameras.
  • Avoid trekking or other activities that involve reaching for heights (300 meters or 1000 feet) at least 18-24 hours post-diving.
  • Bookings will be valid as per the mentioned date and time on the ticket.

Booking policy

We don’t have any cancellation or refund policy. Hence, the tickets once confirmed cannot be cancelled.

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Google Map Address

Click here to get the location details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Deep Dive Dubai

Are there any offers on Deep Dive Dubai tickets?

Booking online tickets from us means you get fantastic offers and last-minute deals on Deep Dive Dubai tickets. In fact, we also provide coupon codes on group bookings. For more booking inquiries, you can chat with our support team or directly call us.

Is there any age limit to try the activity?

Yes, there is a certain age limit to try deep diving here. Anyone above ten years old can surely join the activity.

What is the timing for Deep Dive Dubai?

Dubai’s Deep Dive remains open from Monday to Sunday (9 am-6 pm). Hence, you can visit anytime for some unforgettable diving experiences.

Do you provide transfer facilities with the tickets?

We don’t provide transfer facilities with the Deep Dive Dubai tickets. However, private transfers can be arranged if you book separately with extra charges.

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