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Al Ain Camel Market

Al Ain Camel Market

The Al Ain Camel also known as Camel Souk is a perfect place for animal lover. Visitors looking to enjoy the urban and cultural traditions of the Emirati folks away from the commotion of a cityscape can cherish their time along Al Ain City Around. Numerous heritage sites with ancient irrigation systems can be checked by visitors dating around 3,000 years ago. Among the few fascinating places to visit around Al Ain City, the camel souk can be considered an experience to witness along the way.

Let us look into the various facts and history regarding the Al Ain Camel Market, along with the activities to engage in here.

Al Ain Camel Market: An Age-Old Tradition for Buying Camels

The Al Ain Camel Market is an interesting location to check around Al Ain and check out the age-old trade processes conducted across the market here. The Camel Souk in Al Ain can be considered the last camel market available in the UAE when locals come to purchase camels for personal or race activities here. Children and kids roaming the marketplace can also enjoy the rides on the camels over a small tip to the owners here. Goats, cows, and other livestock animals are also bought and sold across the location, making it an exciting location to enjoy in Al Ain. Parking options are available around the location, along with small eateries and cafes to check out at the Camel Souk destination.

Activities to enjoy around the Al Ain Camel Market

Various activities can be enjoyed across the Camel Souk location in Al Ain, and the top ones are portrayed below for understanding purposes.

1. Enjoy camel deals

Visitors can visit the Al Ain Camel Market and enjoy the bargains and deals procured by customers and dealers around. Numerous fascinating mock races can also be checked to confirm the health of the camel here. Visitors can also opt to take pictures and selfies with the camels and their owners at the Camel Souk destination in Al Ain.

2. Livestock market

Guests and visitors can also enjoy the other livestock market, which includes cows, goats, sheep, chickens, and more. Locals can purchase their preferred animals from the location and have them as their livestock supplies for the future. Various pens and local dealers can be seen dealing around the Camel Souk in Al Ain.

3. Camel Ride

Another distinct activity to engage kids in is to enjoy camel rides across the marketplace. Owners here settle the matter over a few dirhams in return for a camel ride through the entire area here. It is advised to wear proper shades and protection to avoid the harsh sun rays at the destination during the rides.

The best time to visit the Camel Market

The best time to visit the Camel Market is during the winter months since the temperatures remain soothing during this period. The months of October to February can be the preferred period for a soothing excursion at the location in Al Ain. Guests and visitors should need to carry proper skin protection and footwear before going out around the Camel Souk location in Al Ain. Don’t forget to visit Al Ain oasis in Abu Dhabi which is very close from camel souk.

Things to remember before visiting the Al Ain Camel Market

  • The marketplace is open to visitors from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day.
  • Wear proper outfits with skin coverings to avoid the harsh sun rays here.
  • An entry fee of AED 30 is required to visit the Camel Souk premises.
  • All purchases, including food and drinks, shall be bearable by the visitor here.
  • Parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis here.

Places to visit near the  Al Ain Camel Market

There are numerous locations to visit around the Camel Souk in Al Ain, and a few important ones include:

  • Gurudwara Nanaksar Al Ain,
  • Lulu Hypermarket,
  • Al Ain Zoo,
  • Al Ain Oasis, and
  • The Al Ain Palace Museum.

There are several other places to visit near Al Ain which is explained here.

How to reach the Al Ain Camel Market?

The Al Ain Camel Market is located around Zayed bin Sultan Street and is around 10 km away from the city center in Al Ain. Private cabs and shared taxis can be used to reach the destination pretty easily. RTA buses are available until the Al Ain city center, from where we need to opt for private transportation. Do check our Al Ain city tour which is worth to explore.

You can also check the map address here.

Frequently Asked Questions on Al Ain Camel Market

Q: How far is the Camel Souk from Al Ain City?

A: The Camel Souk is around 10 km away from the center of Al Ain City.

Q: What are the opening times of the Al Ain Camel Market?

A: The Camel Souk is open for business purposes between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. each day at Al Ain.

Q: Can kids enjoy their trip to the Camel Souk in Al Ain?

A: Yes, kids and children can enjoy their time along the Camel Souk in Al Ain and even cherish the camel rides across the destination.

Q: Can we get guided tours for visiting the camel souk in Al Ain?

A: Yes, guided tours are available for guests around numerous destinations around Al Ain City.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, these are a few important facts and details regarding the Camel Souk based in Al Ain City. Visitors coming to the place can enjoy the camel deals and bargains while cherishing their time along the location here around Al Ain City.