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At the onset of the festive season in Dubai, come and experience the fun and festivity at the Global Village. The Global Village was actually an endeavour to present the cultural aspects of Dubai to many tourists. It is now turning out to be a wonderfully cosmopolitan and global event which is presented at a grand scale.

When you are here during festive times, you can go through all the revelry and the merriment and experience the best of the culture, tradition through the celebrations. Global Village in Dubai is here to fill you with loads of entertainment through the many rides for the children and the adults. The pavilions and the stalls at the village are visited by millions and millions of people from all over the world who pay a visit to Dubai every year during the Global Village festivities. The shopping and the rides along with other entertainment programs make it a wonderful phantasmagoria of events for the tourists here. The wonderfully arranged tour to the Global Village would be an experience to commemorate all throughout your lives. You can be sure about your comfort about the tour to the exotic Global Village in every way.

Things to See in Global Village Dubai

Here goes a list of all the best things you can see, experience and enjoy at the Global Village in Dubai.

  • Did you know the Global Village is teeming with a plethora of activities for your family as well as your kids? The kids would enjoy enthralling activities like face painting and so on.
  • You experience and watch concerts and cultural programs by great artists.
  • The pavilions represent the global destinations and feel inspired to catch a glimpse of all that.
  • There is a wide array of mind-boggling performances by the acrobats.
  • When you are in the Global Village enjoy shopping and a variety of entertainment that come along with that.


Here are a few inclusions that come along with the tour to the Global Village in Dubai.

  • You get admission to the Global Village.
  • You may enjoy an exquisite shopping experience, at your own cost.
  • You may also buy souvenirs; enjoy the food and all the entertainment rides at your own cost.

Important Information

Here are some important points to look into before taking the tour.

  • The Global Village is open from November to the 1st week of April.
  • Every tourist has to carry printed ticket or smartphone confirmation along with your Passport of ID Proof.
  • It is imperative for children to wear safety bands for precaution. These are to be provided by the Information Kiosk and the ticket desks.
  • Animals and pets are not allowed inside the Global Village.
  • The visitors have to abide by rules for the non-smoking zones where they cannot smoke.
  • The pick-up and the drop off from and to the village will be arranged from the residence or hotel in Dubai only by paying additional transfer fees.
  • The tourists have to follow all precautionary instructions by the Global Village staff.
  • The games and rides require some age, size, height and health restrictions which must be followed by the tourists.
  • The Global Village is open between 4 PM and 12 AM from Saturdays to Wednesdays and between 4 PM and 1 AM on Thursday, Friday and other public holidays.
  • Tourists are not allowed to use any wheels like tricycle, bicycles, hoverboard, skateboard or roller skates inside the village.
  • Proper attire should be worn inside as people wearing improper dresses are liable to be refused entry.
  • Park timings are subject to changes.
  • Shows, rides, private events can be changed or stopped without prior notice or compensation.
  • Ladies and children are allowed on Mondays which are family days.
  • The price of the ticket the gate is final and it cannot be changed in any way although it can be sometimes discounted with a combination of other products.

Booking Policy

The booking policy has the Child Policy, Ticket Policy and the Cancellation Policy in place.

Child Policy

  • Children under 3 years will not be asked for tickets.
  • Children from 3 to 10 years have to pay child ticket rates.
  • Children above 10 years will have to pay adult rates.

Ticket Policy

Once a ticket is issued it cannot be cancelled as the system will not allow that.

Cancellation Policy

  • There will be Full Cancellation Charges if the ticket will be cancelled.
  • If Transfer option has opted then the amount will be refunded in 7 working days.

So, why wait? You are in for some great Global Village adventure in Dubai. Get going and bask in the glory of enjoying an eventful Dubai holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions of Global Village Dubai

When Should You Visit Global Village?

You should avoid visiting this park on Tuesday as it is mostly for families and ladies. So, ideally you should visit this park on other days. The park opens at 4 in the evening and you should visit it on any day between Wednesdays to Mondays.

How Long Does The Ticket Retain Its Validity?

The validity period depends on the activity selected so you need to check at the time you are making your bookings.

When Can I Visit With My Family?

Well, the best day would be Tuesday as it is day when only ladies and families are allowed to enter the park.

What Kind Of Clothes Should One Wear?

You should wear comfortable and modest clothes. Do not wear tight fitting and revealing clothes as they may offend the local people.

Can You Take Beverages And Food From Outside Into This Park?

Yes, the good thing is you have the liberty to take your own beverage and food or you can eat at any one of the restaurants at the park.

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