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Splash Park Dubai

Splash Park Dubai

Dubai which is known for its intense heat is teeming with cool water parks. One of the most prominent among them is rested in the lush green Dubai Hills Park. It is a marvellous location and a haven to both locals as well as visitors. You can involve in a deluge of activities here and make the most of a hot summer’s day or even in the pleasantly cool November days. So, all you have to do is to book ahead of time and grab your towel for a dip in those cool waters. This is one of the most sensational pools in Dubai.

It has splash pads and water slides and also arrangements for welcome drinks and treats, by the poolside. This is a family friendly pool for you and your family to enjoy.

Things to do at Splash Park

  • The Pirate’s playground is a special region at the park which is a great area for letting the children loose. The responsible staff will keep a watch over the whole area. The park is a perfect spot for unwinding in the hot summer days. You can also unwind by the beachside.
  • Children can access wet and dry play areas by the poolside.
  • There is one area dedicated fully for party set ups.
  • Fully shaded and guarded area for unwinding and lazing around.
  • Access to pirate ships, fountain, sprays for enjoyment and for many more activities.


The Splash Park is located in the Dubai Hills Estate in Dubai, UAE.


The timings for the Splash Park at 9 am to 8 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 9 pm on weekends.

How to reach?

You may reach the venue by taxi or by private car that should take you 30 to 45 minutes. By Bus or metro it should take you 1.5 to 2 hours.

Rules to follow at the Splash Park

  • Children have to wear proper swimwear.
  • Children aged one to three years have to be in the presence of the parent.
  • Children aged four and above will be supervised by the Park authorities.
  • Swim diaper for children aged one to three years old.
  • Smoking of any tobacco or e cigarettes are not permissible.

Splash Park at JA Beach Resort

There is yet another Splash Park where you may enjoy a plethora of activities with kids and family in the hot Dubai summer. As you approach the JA Beach Resort, and you look out for signs of Just Splash, you can find out the parking spaces. It is a short work to Just Splash from the parking area.


JA Beach Resort


The timings are 3 pm to 12 am

Where to Park

As you drive into JA Beach Resort, there are signs for Just Splash. Drive towards it, and you’ll see ample parking spaces right in front of JA Beach Resort. Self-park and it’s a short walk towards Just Splash. If you are lucky, you will be able to catch the hotel buggies zooming around which can take you right there! 

Things to do here

  • There are aqua tubes and slides and also sunbeds at the sides for the children. Parents can relax and look over their children.
  • Children can enjoy the red and orange slides only.
  • The soaker bucket is a thrilling game to play.
  • The lifeguards can watch over children above five years of age.
  • You have access to bathrooms with showers where children can go and change.
  • There are Splash Pads for younger children. These areas are well loved by three to five years.
  • The playground next to the Splash Pad has swings, slides, small trampolines and horse springs.

Where to eat

The beach bar at the Splash Park is a comfortable place. There is a sand bar adjacent to it with swings, large couches for reclining comfortably and bean bags for a siesta and sunbeds too. The place serves pizzas, nuggets, hot dogs, burgers and fish and chips too. You can be happy with a good serving of their French fries, some chicken salad, some beef bacon and so on. If you are enjoying a drink at the sand bar, you can still keep watch on the kids enjoying at the Splash Park.

You may also relax at the beach in front of the sand bar. The water is calm with a lot of fishes and hermit crabs around. Children can collect the fishes and crabs in their small buckets while parents laze around and chill.

Other Water Parks

1. Wild Wadi Water Park

The park is a splash park in Dubai which is one of the most prominent of the water parks. The park has more than thirty rides and attractive water sports for kids and well as adults. This water park is located next to the Burj Al Arab. You can wade in the cool waters, slide down the water slides and enjoy a tremendous adrenaline rush on rides like Burj Surj and Tantrum Valley. The timings are 10 am to 6 pm from Sunday to Thursday.

2. Yas Water Park

Yas Water Park is one of the most alluring of all water parks in Dubai for adults and children. There are forty-five rides for all ages. They are truly adventurous ones! You can plunge into the cold water and also slide into the water. There are shops you can buy souvenirs from and enjoy a whole lot of cuisines from the restaurants nearby. The timings are 10 am to 6 pm from Mondays to Saturdays.

3. Laguna Water Park

Laguna Water Park is one of the most enjoyable water parks that has a private beach adjacent to it. You may enjoy the best thrilling rides here. You may enjoy the Manta Ride where you have to slide down a great number of twists and turns in a tube that is enclosed. The timing is 10 am to 6 pm, Tuesday to Sunday. The location is La Mer in Dubai.


‍The waterparks in Dubai or Splash Parks as they are called are great points of entertainment for adults and well as kids. They produce a lot of adrenaline rush through the various rides and slides. These parks are also great places for lazing around and for chilling for the adults while they sip on a cocktail or enjoy a fun mocktail on the sunbeds or the couch. Some water parks have captivating view of the Dubai skyline. There are ample scopes for enjoying sumptuous snacks with friends and family. Thus, water parks in Dubai are excellent respites especially during the hot summer months and a great way to beat the heat!

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