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Boxpark Dubai: Complete Guide, Things to Do, Location & More

Looking to spend time around Dubai and cherish the amazing landmarks and beautiful attractions along the way? Dubai is considered a magical city dotted with immersive activities along with luxury relaxing affairs to delve around the city. Visitors come to Dubai during every season of the year and take time to check out the posh lounges and cafes spread across the destination. Boxpark Dubai is one such place that promises an assortment of exciting affairs, and the top details and features of the destination are suggested below for the reader’s interest.

Boxpark Dubai: A Unique Lifestyle Retreat with Leisure Activities

Boxpark Dubai is located around the Al Wasl region and is a grand location to cherish dining experiences, retail therapies, and relaxing activities across the premises. Built using recycled shipping containers, this place promises a great deal of exciting experiences for both kids and adults. The place has numerous sections to check, which include gift shops, branded stores, opticians and glass shops, a pharmacy, a bookstore, cineplexes, salons, gyms, and more. Some of the popular café outlets to check out here at Boxpark Dubai include Starbucks, McDonald’s, Saddle, Jag Restaurant, Sukkar, and more around the grand premises.

Kids and children can also take part in a 60-minute game session to find out ways to escape a room here at the Boxpark premises.

Activities to enjoy around Boxpark Dubai?

Boxpark Dubai is a mesmerizing location for visitors to enjoy an assortment of surreal activities across the location. Some of the major activities to pursue around the grand location are as follows:

1. Branded Shopping Stores

Boxpark Dubai is dotted with branded retail stores with astonishing deals and discounts to avail here. Some of the popular shopping outlets include Adidas, Hola Bebe, Ghawani, and Urbanist. The place is perfect to cherish captivating retail therapy around the destination.

2. Flower Shop

Visitors looking to visit the beautiful Boxpark location in Dubai can check out the Fine Blooms shop along the premises and select the perfect bouquet of flowers for their loved ones here. You can check out the varied assortment of colorful bouquets featuring striking discounts on the products available here.

3. Book Store

The House of Prose is a captivating bookstore to check around the Boxpark location and enjoy a good read across the premises. Both old and new books are available for bookworms to purchase around the store counter here.

4. Spectacle Shop

Guests and visitors coming to the Boxpark location in Dubai can check out the Art of Optics shop and choose the best spectacle frames and glasses. Some of the branded eyeglass frames to check out across the store include Lesca, LA Eye Works, Piero Massaro, Rogers, and JF Rey.

5. Pharmacy

The Binsina pharmacy around the Boxpark location is the biggest medicine shop to spot along the route. All kinds of medicines are available over the counter, and displaying the prescription is mandatory to get the proper medicines here.

6. Luxury Restaurants

Boxpark Dubai is also known for the splendid array of luxury dining outlets to check out around the destination. Some of the important lounges and cafes here include Karak Inc., Pizzahut, Logma, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Love Mhshy, and more.

7. Cinema Halls

The Boxpark Dubai is also home to Roxy Cinemas, which conducts various shows related to genres like art movies, documentaries, and the latest blockbuster flicks. Tickets to the movies can be bought from the counters or obtained online at the portals.

8. Escape Room

Guests coming to Boxpark can enjoy a 60-minute session to escape rooms along the vibrant premises. Guests need to follow the rules and enjoy a thrilling time across the Escape Room destination at Boxpark.

9. Beats and Cuts

Beats and Cuts is another popular hair styling store to check out and get some of the latest cuts and styles across the destination. Professional hair stylists and barbers are there to help you look good in the salon here at Boxpark Dubai.

10. Gymnasiums

The Fit Box Gym is the ideal place for fitness lovers to enjoy therapeutic sessions around the gym. Professional trainers are available to help guests with exercises and a proper diet chart during their training time here at the gym premises.

Best Time to Visit Boxpark Dubai?

Boxpark Dubai can be visited any time of the year and enjoy the assortment of fun activities around the destination. Winters can be soothing to visit the destination and enjoy celebrations, concerts, and events around the destination. Summers can be difficult to enjoy daytime excursions around the place due to the strong heat waves along the way.

Nearby Places to Visit

Various popular places can be checked around the Boxpark Dubai location, and the top 5 popular ones are demonstrated below.

  • Galleria Mall Al Wasl
  • 3D World Selfie Museum
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • The Green Planet
  • Dubai International Art Center
  • Carrefour Market

How to reach?

Public RTA services and private taxis are the best to reach the Boxpark Dubai destination conveniently. The best way to reach the destination is along Abu Baker Street in Dubai. The RTA bus line 9 plies along the Boxpark location during proper intervals. Visitors can also avail of the Redline metro and board off at the Business Bay station. It takes around 5 minutes to ride to the boxpark location from the metro stop here.

Closing Words

To end with, these are a few popular activities and features of the Boxpark location here in Dubai. Visitors can opt to book the tickets to the location online or from the physical ticket counters available around the Grand Boxpark location in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any retail outlets at the Boxpark location?

A: A chain of luxury retail outlets can be checked across the Boxpark location in Dubai.

Q: Can kids cherish their time around the Boxpark location?

A: Yes, kids can enjoy their time across the bookstore, cineplex, and shops around the location. Kids can also enjoy their time around the Escape Room premises here at the location.

Q: Are there any popular cafes to check out around Boxpark Dubai?

A: Various popular international café brands can be checked around Boxpark, and this includes Starbucks, McDonald’s, Logma, Pizzahut, and more.

Q: What are the proper entry times to visit Boxpark in Dubai?

A: Guests can access the Boxpark location in Dubai each day between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.

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