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Burj Al Arab Lunch Dinner

Burj Al Arab Lunch Dinner

We often use the term “fine dining.” But the phrase assumes a completely new meaning when you are dining at the Burj Al Arab.

We, at Dubai Ticket Expert, would take you through a never-before experience. Fancy yourself dining at the world’s first seven-star hotel. The 320-meter-high property comprises a large number of restaurants, serving the most exquisite cuisine – Arabian, Far Eastern, and other delectable international fares.


Burj Al Arab is not just about food. It’s more about the ambiance while you are pampering your taste buds. The breathtaking beauty of the Arabian Gulf, the marvel that is Palm Jumeirah, and the wonder known as the World Islands – all these will form the backdrop. Soak in these other-worldly views while savoring the food cooked by some of the most noted chefs in the world.

It’s not just one restaurant or a single category of meals. We bring you the option of having breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the Burj Al Arab – or even a combination of these types. You can take a tour of this landmark hotel before you decide to have your meal. Savor the choicest of the world’s tea and coffee in Sahn Eddar, located in the atrium of the hotel; go for a two or three-course lunch or dinner, or sip on the beverage of your choice at any time of the day.


The charges for the meals are provided by the restaurants at the time when you are booking the package. Usually, the rate for a single adult will start from approximately AED 325 and can go up to AED 1000+. It will depend on the type of meal that you have chosen.


You are welcome to BurjAl Arab Meals experience any time between 9:30 am and 8 pm. The meals are available on all days of the week.

Burj Al Arab

Points to Remember

  • Weekends can get quite crowded here. So, it would be better if you can turn up at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time.
  • Guests are requested to congregate at the hotel lobby. From here, our guides would escort you to the designated restaurant.
  • No refund is available in the event of any cancellation.
  • The booking confirmation is not transferable. It is valid for the mentioned date & time slot only.
  • Guests are advised to dress in smart casuals. Jeans, t-shirts, sports shoes, flip-flops, etc. are not allowed. Ladies are requested to dress in skirts, suits, or slacks.
  • Children up to 3 years of age will be entitled to free entry. Those between 3 and 10 years will be charged child rates. Those above 10 years will be charged adult rates.

Go ahead and make your Dubai trip memorable in more ways than one. Have a meal in the world’s top hotel while enjoying the most eye-catching scenery. The food is among the best that you will ever have. And the wonderful hospitality of the staff, coupled with the expert services of Dubai Ticket Expert, will create sweet reminiscences for you for all time to come.