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Experience the Thrill of a Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Dubai’s Desert

Experience the Thrill of a Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Dubai’s Desert

Dubai is not just about the magnificent skyscrapers, huge shopping malls, and almost countless amusement parks. It also has an array of sites that display exquisite natural scenic beauty. Sparkling beaches by the azure sea and the golden sands of the desert just outside Dubai are among the top draws for international tourists.

Yes, the desert. The golden-hued sands are spread across many miles, creating a visual marvel. More so, during sunrise & sunset. You can explore the desert in an SUV, indulge in some dune bashing, or take a more sedate & graceful camel safari.

But the best way to explore the desert is from several hundred feet up in the air – in a hot air balloon. It is as thrilling as it gets. And the rewards are unparalleled views of the golden desert below. Read on to know more about how to experience the thrill of a hot air balloon in Dubai desert.

What is There for You on This Trip?

  • You would be picked up from your hotel in Dubai & driven to the site.
  • The huge & beautiful inflated balloons will greet you here as you arrive. Make yourself at home in one of them & step into the basket.
  • As the balloon rises gently but steadily up into the air, you would be overcome with a feeling of tremendous joy & amazement. The stunning site of the desert spreading far into the horizon would leave you spellbound, for sure. The rising sun’s rays spread a fiery golden hue across the sands, creating a surreal sight.
  • While it’s usually a gentle ride, it also has its share of thrills & chills. You might face a little rough air current at times. This would set your pulse racing. But don’t worry – you are in perfectly safe hands. Our balloon operators come with immense experience & skill to ensure a completely safe flying experience for you. They are all certified by the appropriate authority. And the balloons undergo the strictest maintenance & quality control measures to ensure that they are always at the peak of safety standards.
  • Besides the stunning desert views, you would also be able to catch glimpses of the wild life here. Be it the elusive gazelles or the ubiquitous camels, the fauna of Dubai’s deserts would be there for you see – in all its glory.
  • All that flying & desert-viewing make for good food for your eyes – in terms of the scenery. But now it’s also time for some food your tummy! Once the flight is complete and you have landed back on Earth, you would be taken to one of the desert camps. Here, a select gourmet breakfast awaits you. Tuck into chosen local & international breakfast dishes and wash them down with hot beverages and fruit juice.

Other things you can try at Ballon Ride Spot?

  • Falcon Show
  • Breakfast
  • Certification distribution
  • Sunrise experience from the Balloon

So now, the trip is coming to a close. You have spent a wonderful time here, soaking in the majestic views of the desert and also enjoying the desert winds. You would have created lots of Insta-happy moments. Share your experiences with friends back home. Relive the moments through those photographs. And – we are sure – deep down in your heart, you are feeling a desire – to come back for more!

Points to Keep in Mind

  • Always keep your passport with you at all times during the trip.
  • Be sure to understand and follow the safety instructions that our team would give you.
  • Carrying luggage is not allowed in the balloons. So, please don’t bring any.
  • Carry light woolens as the temperature might drop once you are up in the air.
  • People with cardiac conditions are advised not to partake in this activity.