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Hatta Water Dam

Hatta Water Dam

This beautiful Hatta Dam is located in Hatta which is a popular tourist destination in Dubai, UAE. Immersed in the tranquil waters and natural surroundings, the Hatta Dam is a prominent place to enjoy along the UAE territory. Individuals from all over the globe come to Hatta Dam to enjoy the natural retreat around the place and admire the amazing backdrop of jagged mountains and dams with fascinating flora and fauna to gaze at here. Various captivating activities can be concluded around the dam area, along with a photo-stop region to capture immersive photos here.

Hatta Water Dam: A Natural Retreat for Nature Lovers

The Hatta Dam is a great place to enjoy the natural surroundings along with the dam area for a relaxed and soothing time here around the Hajar Mountains. The place is around 90 minutes away from Dubai and can be reached by private transportation or through tour operators on guided tours. The place is situated between the Hatta Wadi Hub, a famed commercial region around the area, and the Hatta Fort Hotel here along the Hajar Mountains location. The rugged terrain with coarse cliffs and ridges is an immersive contrast to the sandy desert landscape spotted while reaching the Hatta Dam location here in the UAE. A car parking area with vivid facilities can also be enjoyed around the Hatta Dam region. Also check our Hatta Mountain tour detail here.

Activities to enjoy around the Hatta Dam

There are numerous activities to enjoy around the Hatta Dam location. Some of the most prominent ones include kayaking. A Kayak Rental service can be checked here along the Hatta Dam location that offers kayaks for rent at around AED 60. Canoes, paddle boats, and other boating rides can also be concluded around the pristine Hatta Dam region, along with natural sights and rare wildlife to check out at the location. The spot also reflects a vibrant view of the assortment of landscapes around, including the rugged mountain ranges, sandy desert trails, and the Dam waterbody along the region here. Visitors can also opt for photo sessions along the dam area and share them with their loved ones.

Facts Regarding Hatta Water Dam

  • The dam was built during the 1990s.
  • Hatta Dam is a popular tourist area around Dubai.
  • The main occupation was farming dates and palm trees here.
  • A heritage village with ancient burial crypts can be checked around the location.
  • Visitors can camp and enjoy their weekends at the Hatta Fort Hotel here.

The best time to visit the Hatta Dam

The best time to visit the Hatta Dam is during the winter months, as the weather remains cooler and more soothing for outdoor activities here. Summers are pretty hot, and few activities apart from kayaking rides are closed for the time being. Temperatures may reach around 16 degrees during the winter, with many avian species and migratory birds to spot here around the time. Visitors can also opt for snacks and beverages at the small eateries available around the location. Also check Al Hajar mountain which offer similar kind of experience.

Distinct places to check around the Hatta Dam region

Numerous places can be visited around the Hatta Dam region, and the top ones include Hatta Wadi Hub, Hatta Fort Hotel, Juma Mosque with two towers, a Hafit period burial chamber, a falaj, or ancient irrigation system, and a Heritage Village. Popular places to visit around the Hatta Dam include Wadi Hatta Park, Hatta Hill Park, Hatta Green Lake, and Majid Island along the Hatta Dam region here in the UAE.

How do I reach the Hatta Dam location conveniently?

The Hatta Dam region can only be reached using private transportation options here in the UAE. Visitors can opt for shared cabs, private cab bookings, or the guided tour itinerary from the hotels for a full package tour here. Individuals coming from Dubai can avail themselves of the E44 highway while moving north toward the Hatta location. It is best to check for traffic conditions and closed roads before opting for the best route to reach the Hatta Dam location conveniently.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hatta Water Dam

Q: What are the activities to enjoy at the Hatta Dam?

A: Kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boating are a few decent activities to enjoy at the Hatta Dam location. Swimming is not allowed around the Hatta Dam region.

Q: How much time does it take for a guest to reach Hatta from Dubai?

A: The Hatta Dam area takes around 90 minutes to reach from Dubai. Buses are available during long intervals, and it is better to avail of private cabs and cars to reach the location conveniently.

Q: Do we need to pack warm clothes for a Hatta Dam tour?

A: The mornings are pretty soothing with loose and light outfits, while the evenings may tend to get chilly. Warm clothes like a stole, scarf, or jacket may be required for enjoying the evening outing here at the Hatta Dam.

Q: What are the nearby areas to explore?

A: You can try to visit Fujairah east coast tour which is hardly 65 km distance from Hatta Dam.

Q: Are there any food outlets to check around the Hatta Dam?

A: Individuals can check the BBQ supplies at the local grocery store, with eateries available like Dubai’s BBQ Masters, Al Hajarain Restaurant, and Mountain Burger Food Truck. The Hatta Fort Hotel also has dining sections allotted for visitors, which include Jeema and Café Gazebo. For a fine dining retreat here.


To catch up, here are a few facts and details regarding the Hatta Dam location and the varied captivating activities to conclude around the location. Numerous restaurants and cafes, along with relaxing and enjoying BBQ sessions, can also be enjoyed here at the Hatta Dam location in the UAE.

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