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Kite Beach Dubai – Things to Do, Timing, Entrance Fee

Beaches are one of the beautiful places on earth. Then, if you visit Dubai, you will find the best beaches there. Kite beach is filled with fun activities, the pleasure doesn’t only stop in the water sports, but you get to enjoy volleyball, tennis, football, skateboarding and much more.

Dubai Kite Beach

This place has Dubai’s largest skateboarding park. It runs almost 4 kilometres, and you will find various events going on, for the entire year. When you are wandering on the beach, you will find the best view of Burj Al Arab which dominates the skyline of the amazing city. You will find the ultimate relaxation, with your friends and family on this beach. So, have you decided to visit this place yet? If yes then, let’s know more useful things about this Kite beach in Dubai.

Things to do in Kite beach

You must be thinking about what other things than tennis, surfing, and water sports are available on this beach, what’s so special about it? You must know that this beach is named Kite because people love to surf Kites in the sky. Once you are there, you will find thousands of colour flying in the sky, and they are not huge birds, but kites. Also, if you are an amateur kite surfer, you can get training!

Hours for Kite surfing: 7 am to till sunset
Price for the lesson: AED 350 to 1800.
Price equipment rental: AED 50 per hour- AED 250 per hour.

Paddle boarding

Wouldn’t you love to see the green water and the corals under it? Of course, you would! Then, you must go to paddleboarding. An only a single person can get on the surfboards, and then they are given a paddle to explore the mesmerizing water.

Hours for paddle boarding: 7:30 am to 8:30 pm
Price: AED 60 to AED 180

Check out the food trucks

Food Trucks

After all the paddle boarding and kite surfing, your stomach must be growling. So, what to do? Why don’t you check those food trucks! The smell of delicious food will direct you to the truck automatically. Taste the tasty sliders and lotus softy.

Hours for the food trucks: 9 AM to 3 AM
Cost of two: AED 115

Running track

In the Kite beach, you will get a 14 km running track for cyclists. If you love to run those wheels, then get on a cycle and enjoy the ride! The food you just munched on two minutes ago, will not store in your body and you will burn off those extra calories quickly. Here, you can bring your bike, or rent one too.

Skills in skating

In here, you will get 3100 square feet of skating area.2 You will get rails, bowls, and slopes, you will get everything, just skate away!

Hours for skating: 3 PM to 11 PM
Price: For a day pass, AED 45. Then, for annual XGrounders membership, AED 1000.

The waterpark

Water Park

Kite beach has its Water park, and if you are travelling with your kids then this is the best place. You can play with your kids in the park or you can enjoy the sea, all will be possible.

Hours in the water park: 4 PM to 10 PM
Cost: AED 100 one adult is free.

Entrance Fee?

There is no entry fee in Kite beach, as it’s free of cost.


If you want to visit the place in Dubai, you have to know the opening and closing times.

  • It’s open on, Sunday to Wednesday: 10 am to 12 midnight.
  • Thursday to Saturday: 10 am to 1 am.

Make sure you have your swimming gear, your surfboard, and sunscreen with you to beat the heat. Then, enjoy the Kite beach of Dubai by all means.