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Marina Eye Ferris Wheel in Abu Dhabi – Timing & Price

Marina Eye Ferris Wheel in Abu Dhabi – Timing & Price

It is pleasant and enjoyable watching the huge Marina Eye Ferris Wheel and it can well dominate the skyline with the special lighting system. The wheel stands great before the shopping center of Marina Mall in Dubai. From here, you can get to see the fresh scene of Abu Dhabi and you even get the right view of the city and the Corniche. Here you have the Marina Eye Observation Wheel with all the 42 capsules all well accommodated and perfectly designed. You can even watch for the VIP capsules especially for the visitors who would like to take a ride to the newest heights.

Things to Do at Marina Eye Ferris Wheel?

People visiting the Marina Mall are sure to get attracted by the scenic view of the Marina Eye Ferris Wheel. Once you come to see the wheel you can even do the rest of other things like visiting the mall and sit at a nearby café to sip from the coffee cup. It is a real delight to be at the Mall and here you can sit above the city lights at the evening time and feel on top of the world.

You would love to be on the height of the wheel and once you are up the whole of Abu Dhabi seems to be a wonderland. The place is so full of visitors and you are sure to have the right time pass once you watch the people dressed variedly and they come in so many styles and fashions. It becomes an enjoyable evening time and after you have taken the turn you can get prepared to go back for supper. There are even lodges near the Marina Eye and you can book for accommodation for both a long and a short stay at the place.

Top Activities

  • The Marina Eye has a height of 60m and you can easily be a part of the excitement.
  • From Marina Eye you can have breathtaking views of the Corniche Backwaters
  • From the place you get the right view of Abu Dhabi and you can enjoy the city lights of the evening rides coming from the bokeh of the stunning city
  • The VIP cases of the Marina Eye are decked with the leather interiors and you would love the air-conditioned glass floor of the capsules with the best of setting and decoration.
  • Sitting inside the case you can have a view of the adjacent attractions of Abu Dhabi.
  • One capsule of the Marina Eye can hold up to eight people.
  • The complete time for one ride is five minutes.

Best Time to Visit Marina Eye

Evening is the right time to visit the Marina Eye and this is when the whole city of Abu Dhabi comes to life with the lights and the visitors all at one place. You would love the evening time for the assortment of the lights and colors of the destination. The whole scene looks dramatic and the vibe of the place changes once it turns dark.

How to Reach

It is easy to reach Marina Eye as it is located close to the Marina Mall. You can take a cab from the hotel destination and reach the attraction the easiest way.

Map Address

Entry timing and Pricing

Marina Eye stays open for all seven days of the week and the timing from Thursday to Saturday is from 11am to 1am and from Sunday to Wednesday the place remains open from 10 am to 11 pm.

The ticket price for Ferris Wheel ride is AED 50 for adults and the entry price is AED 30 for the children who are less than 12 years of age.