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Sharjah National Park: Guide on Ticket, Timing, Things to See

Sharjah National Park: Guide on Ticket, Timing, Things to See

Are you looking to visit a family friendly destination in the UAE? If Sharjah National Park is on your itinerary, you have made the correct decision. Although Sharjah National Park is not a theme park like many others in the UAE, it is a park that has many amenities for entertainment for the family as well as the children. Sharjah National Park has undergone many improvements over the years and it is the largest park in the city.

The best part about this park is that it has beautiful landscape décor and large spaces for picnicking and lazing about with the kids. There is also the Sharjah National Park Zoo which is an attraction for kids and elders. It is also a great habitat for lots of flora and fauna. The large 6,30,000 square metre of space is enough to hold festivals, exhibitions and concerts.


The Sharjah National Park was created with an intention of serving as a public park but it was enhanced over the years with a lot of amenities. The place has been created to express a fusion between European design and traditional and ethnic Arabian style.

Activities you can indulge in at Sharjah National Park

This Park is noted for its picturesque landscape and its wonderful spaces for entertainment and picnics. It is a suitable place for barbeques with large spaces assigned for the activity, spots well marked for recreation, duck ponds, giant slide, kids’ playground, jungle gym and so on. There is a cafeteria with yummy treats and snacks. Prayer rooms for women as well as mosque for prayers are also found in the park area. Cycling and jogging tracks also add to the amenities. The place is offers a wide array of things you can do at the park.

  • Picnics held at the Sharjah National Park are a great experience. They have assigned spots for family picnics and a great deal of picnic tables as amenities. There are shaded areas all over the park amidst photographic settings. Tourists may bring along rugs and picnic baskets and enjoy sumptuous food under shady trees in the park. While sitting at this wonderful social gathering, tourists can also have a look at the beauty of the landscape around and feel blessed.
  • Barbeque areas at the Sharjah National Park are well spread out and located all over the park. The areas have suitable arrangements like grills, seating areas and other convenient facilities that help in having a great party. The families who come here can cook and dine outdoors which is a whale of fun. The wonderful barbeque aroma fills up the air with guests reavelling to the height of excitement.
  • The duck pond is an excellent spot for photo bugs. The captivating scenery of the place and the serenity around urges the tourist to spend some time by the pond which is home to the graceful swans and ducks waddling in the water. The lush greenery around is pleasing to the eyes.
  • The play area for the kids is also quite as expansive and has been designed aesthetically to suit its purpose. A wide array of play amenities and niceties are there like swings, rope ladders for climbing exercise, slides, jungle gyms which is a hot favorite among the kids and many others. Children enjoy a gregarious ambiance here and they develop and social skills at the park.
  • We should not stop short at mentioning the Giant Slide with is a thrilling amenity for entertainment inside the park. It provides a great boost of energy as visitors glide down the slide. It is an excellent sport for both the children as well as the adults.
  • The cycle tracks and jogging tracks within the park are planned out very well. The tracks meander through the park and they are safe for travelling. You may also workout in the park area as this is a great environment for physical wellbeing.
  • What about the Miniature City at the Sharjah National Park? Well, this is one of the most entertaining parts and you can spend some quality time watching these exhibits. The miniature models of the prominent landmarks of the city are presented. The models represent the tradition, culture and history of Sharjah through these wonderfully designed architectural stunners!
  • This Park is not only a natural haven housing flora and fauna but it is also a place where many festivals and cultural events take place. The tourists may attend the various concerts, traditional shows, art exhibitions that bring out the essence of the Emirati culture and tradition with all its richness and beauty. The tourists get a taste of the culture and can delve deep into the customs and traditions of the place.
  • Last but not the least, we should mention that the tourists can view a wide range of flora and fauna at the Sharjah National Park. The beautiful gardens grow extensive varieties of flowers. Thus, the park turns into a natural haven for all plant lovers and enthusiasts. Tourists can visit the mini zoo specially designed for children which creates an interactive as well as educational experience for all.


The strategic location of the park is a great advantage for both the locals as well as the tourists who intend to visit the park.

The park is at a distance of 27 kilometre from Dubai International Airport and 4 kilometre from Sharjah Airport. The park is located at E 88, Sharjah, UAE.

How to reach Sharjah National Park?

You can go from Sharjah City to Sharjah National Park by bus or taxi. It will take you 16 minutes to reach the place. Driving your own vehicle will take you 13 minutes approximately.


When you intend to visit the park, you have to be aware of the opening and closing times.

The timings for the Sharjah National Park are as follows.

  • Sunday to Wednesday – 8 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 10 pm.
  • Thursday to Saturday – 8 am to 10 pm.


The entry tickets to the Sharjah National Park are as follows.

  • The entry tickets to the Sharjah National Park costs AED 6 for adults and children.
  • Free entry for children below 5 years.


The Sharjah National Park is thus a safe haven of beautiful landscape where tourists with family and children can bask in the glories of nature. The part also includes amenities for entertainment of adults and kids while they barbeque, picnic, watch different cultural programs and shows to their heart’s content. There are also activity zones for walking, jogging and cycling as well as for workouts. The most picturesque landscapes, the flora and the fauna are also great source of attraction here. It an easy to access location where people can have some enthralling and magically immersive experience.

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