Al Majaz Waterfront Sharjah

Al Majaz Waterfront Sharjah

Welcome to Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah, a stunning destination that is sure to leave you mesmerized with its beauty and entertainment offerings. Located in the heart of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, this magnificent waterfront is a true testament to the city’s commitment to providing its visitors with an unforgettable experience.

From breathtaking views of the Sharjah skyline to the calming waters of Khalid Lagoon, Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah offers a unique mix of nature and urban sophistication. The 231,000 square meter destination features an array of attractions including world-class restaurants, retail outlets, a children’s play area, and even a mini-golf course.

But what truly sets Al Majaz Waterfront Sharjah apart is its commitment to providing exceptional entertainment. With regular cultural and musical performances, the destination has become a hub for both local and international talents, bringing visitors from all over the world to experience the magic of Sharjah.

Things to Do at Al Majaz Waterfront

Entertainment and Events:

  • Regular cultural and musical performances at the amphitheater
  • Fireworks are displayed during special occasions and holidays
  • Laser light shows

Dining and Shopping:

  • A wide selection of restaurants offering cuisines from around the world
  • Cafes and food outlets with outdoor seating areas overlooking the lagoon
  • Shopping outlets featuring a variety of local and international brands

Outdoor Activities:

  • Children’s play area with various rides and games
  • Mini-golf course with 18 holes
  • Boat rides and water taxis on Khalid Lagoon
  • The Mini Splash Park in Al Majaz Waterfront Sharjah is a fun water play area designed for younger children to enjoy.

Landmarks and Attractions:

  • Majaz Fountain with a water show and music display
  • Al Majaz Waterfront Mosque, is a beautiful mosque with Islamic architecture
  • Sharjah Art Foundation, a contemporary art space featuring exhibitions and events

Practice Yoga amidst the Greenery

Al Majaz Waterfront is a wonderful destination that offers plenty of green spaces where visitors can relax and engage in outdoor activities. Spread across P1, P2, and P3, these green areas offer a serene landscape that serves as an ideal retreat for practicing your favorite outdoor sports and activities. If you are a yoga enthusiast, you can find a peaceful environment here to practice your yoga and enjoy a relaxing session amidst nature. Whether you want to take a stroll, jog, meditate, or simply sit back and soak in the beauty of nature, the green areas at Al Majaz Waterfront offer something for everyone. So, head to Al Majaz Waterfront and explore these beautiful green spaces to rejuvenate yourself and experience the tranquility of nature.

How to Reach There

Al Majaz Waterfront is located in Sharjah, UAE, and it can be reached by various means of transportation, including:

  1. By Car:

If you are driving from Dubai, take the E11 highway towards Sharjah, and then follow the signs to Al Majaz Waterfront. There is ample paid parking available at the venue.

  1. By Taxi:

Taxis are readily available in Sharjah and Dubai, and you can simply ask the driver to take you to Al Majaz Waterfront. Or else can  go for our Sharjah sightseeing tour that cover majority of the tourist spot. You can also use ride-hailing services like Uber and Careem.

  1. By Public Transportation:

The nearest bus station to Al Majaz Waterfront is Al Majaz Park Station, which is serviced by several bus routes. You can plan your journey using the RTA Dubai public transport website.

  1. By Water Taxi

Another unique way to reach Al Majaz Waterfront is by taking a water taxi from various locations in Sharjah, including Al Qasba, Al BuheirahCorniche, and Khalid Lagoon. This option offers scenic views of the Sharjah skyline.

Best time to visit Al Majaz Waterfront Sharjah

Overall, there are various options available to reach Al Majaz Waterfront, depending on your preference and location.

The best time to visit Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah is during the winter months, from November to March. During this time, the weather is pleasant with comfortable temperatures, making it ideal for outdoor activities and events.

Additionally, Al Majaz Waterfront hosts a range of festivals and events during the winter season, including the Sharjah Light Festival and the Sharjah Water Festival, which make for a great experience for visitors.

Operational Hours

The Mini-Golf Course in Al Majaz Waterfront Sharjah is open from 9 AM to 12 AM. The Splash Park is open from 10 AM to 6 PM from Saturday to Wednesday and from 9 AM to 12 AM on Thursdays and Fridays. The Musical Fountain Show is open from 6.30 PM to 11.30 PM.

Entry Ticket

The Mini-Golf Course in Al Majaz Waterfront Sharjah is free for visitors to access, while there is a fee for adults and for children to play a round of golf. The Splash Park charges per child for entry.


In conclusion, Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah is a popular destination that offers a variety of entertainment options for visitors of all ages. From the Mini-Golf Course and Splash Park to the beautiful green areas and the stunning Musical Fountain Show, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The waterfront is a hub of cultural and community events that attract locals and tourists alike. With plenty of dining options and beautiful views of the Sharjah skyline, Al Majaz Waterfront is a great place to spend time with family and friends, relax and unwind, or explore the beauty of Sharjah.