Qasr Al Watan Entry Tickets

Availability: Daily | Pickup & Drop Back (optional) | Price: AED 60 AED 50booking

Qasr Al Watan gives you an insight into the culture, tradition, and history of the UAE. It gives you an understanding of the path that the UAE has traversed to emerge as an economic hub today. The palatial building is an architectural wonder and appears majestic in pristine white. Today, the exquisite Qasr Al Watan is a cultural landmark and helps visitors appreciate the values and traditions that have built this nation. It’ll help you build your knowledge about the culture, the tradition and the values that are the founding pillars of the UAE. You can flip through the pages of a huge collection of books in the library here and learn about how the UAE has progressed.

What Should You Expect at Qasr Al Watan?

The Qasr Al Watan was built with an intention to help visitors know about UAE’s history and the life of its people. A wonderful piece of architecture, the dome at the palace is the largest in the world. The palace gives you videos telling you about the story of the palace and the history of the UAE.

The Qasr Al Watan takes your breath away with its elegance. There are grand chandeliers whose glitter will mesmerize you. It has also a banquet hall, a study in magnificence and a room that houses a number of gifts received by the royal family.

You’ll also find an opportunity to try your hands at intricate Arabic calligraphy on a touch screen. There’s also a light and sound show shedding light into the palace’s history.

You can take a leisurely walk in the landscaped garden and enjoy a beautiful view of the palace.

Photography is allowed inside the palace and doesn’t forget to put your mobile on silent mode before you walk in. That’s because you’ll enjoy access to the prayer rooms here.

Please remember, there are no lockers or cloakrooms here. So, you’ll have to leave your belongings in the vehicle.

Important Information

  • Transfer fees are not included in the ticket
  • Private transfer can be arranged at reasonable charges
  • Please carry your proof of identity

Tickets information

  • Those above the age of 17 will be charged at rates same as that of adults
  • Any child between 4 and 17 will be charged at rates meant for children
  • Entry is free for those below 4

Cancellation Policy

  • You won’t be charged any cancellation fee if you cancel 48 hours before the scheduled departure
  • In case you are given a refund, you’ll have it credited to your account within 7 working days
  • If you cancel within 48 hours of scheduled departure you will be charged a cancellation fee in full


A visit to any country remains incomplete if you don’t get to know about its history and culture. The Qasr Al Watan takes you on an educative journey on the history, culture, and tradition of the UAE. It gives you an insight into the ethos and pathos of the Arabian people. If it’s some calm and peace you are looking for, a visit to this magnificent palace is a must. As you walk through the serenely quiet halls and corridors, you learn about Arabian life. We would love to know how your experience at Qasr Al Watan was.

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