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Dubai in April

Dubai in April

The 10 most important places in Dubai to visit during the April month


Dubai is an amazing destination for spending time during the April month, with various activities and opulent landmarks to check out during the season. Individuals opting to visit the destination can visit the serene sea beaches around them and engage in the majority of thrilling watersports conducted around the region. The month of April can be sweltering hot due to the harsh summer season here, and thus indoor activities are good for visitors here. A distinct list of 10 important places to visit in Dubai during April was mentioned before for informative purposes.

Dubai Weather in April

The weather in Dubai becomes increasingly hot and humid during April, so loose and breathable clothes are advised to be worn here. Proper sunshades along with headwear are necessary to protect the head and eyes from the excess heat wave here. Carrying a water bottle and having fruits are essential when moving out to visit destinations here in Dubai during April. Outdoor activities should be avoided that involve continuous movement under the sun here during the summer season in Dubai.

10 Important Places to Visit in Dubai During April

There are various important places to check out in Dubai during the April month, and the 10 most prominent ones are portrayed below for the readers to look at.

1. Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is an excellent place to spend the April month here. The basement of the mall houses a massive skeleton of a 150-year-old dinosaur specimen called Diplodocus longus, measuring a staggering 7.5 meters in elevation. Apart from the dinosaur fossil, visitors can check out the dining lounges along with the skating rink available at the mall premises here. Individuals can also opt for a 4D experience at the Cineplex available in the Dubai Mall.

2. Burj Khalifa

Another ecstatic destination to visit in April is the towering Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Regarded as the tallest tower in the world, individuals can enjoy a variety of activities at the location. Visitors can spend their time checking the discounts and rebates at the shopping malls or delve into a delicious platter here at the Burj Khalifa. An observatory is present on the 144th level that provides a distinct view of the colossal landmarks around along with the Dubai skyline here at the enchanting Burj Khalifa.

3. Al-Lahbab Desert

Deserts may not be suitable for many during the summer season in Dubai, but an overnight desert safari can be a tantalizing activity to enjoy here. Individuals can enjoy the overnight desert safari during April while catching a glimpse of the setting sun here in Dubai. Camel rides and dune bashing activities are also covered within the trip, along with a relaxed time at the Bedouin private camps here in the Al Lahbab desert. Fine dining arrangements are offered around the location, along with Tanoura and belly dancing shows to entertain the guests.

4. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is another prominent destination to visit during April and is located in the Mall of Emirates. Individuals can spend their time skiing around the track here or watching the penguins play and slide across their snowy territory at the location. Get the Ski Dubai tickets at best price here. Indulge in a cup of hot chocolate while enjoying the freezing temperatures, and traverse the ski lounge in automatic cable cars here.

5. Lost Chambers Aquarium

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is another distinct place to visit here at Atlantis, in the Palm region. Individuals can spend their time checking out the vibrant location, with 65,000 aquatic creatures to watch here. Visitors can opt to dine at the premises here, watching the sharks and stingrays swim by and even glancing at the thrilling view of the divers feeding the marine creatures here. The aquarium is curated in such a way that it reflects a gorgeous and appealing theme for visitors to check out here in Dubai.

6. Dubai Dolphinarium

Individuals can visit the Dubai Dolphinarium during April and check out the exotic dolphin and penguin shows conducted here for visitors. Once get the Dubai Dolphinarium tickets then check out the physical potential of these marine creatures as they swim and pull out tricks at the Dubai Dolphinarium here. The complete activity is an indoor one, and individuals can spend a great time learning about the animals’ habitats and lifestyles here at the Dubai Dolphinarium.

7. Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is a great place to enjoy the cool evening time here during the April month. Visitors can bring their partners during the evening time here at the Dubai Creek and enjoy a lavish dhow cruise here. Complimentary drinks are available for the guests here, with an extravagant dining arrangement available at the dhow boats. Couples and partners can indulge in the scenic view of the Dubai surroundings here while checking out the live music performances and Tanoura dance shows conducted here.

8. Dubai Frame

Visitors opting to visit Dubai during April can check out the massive Dubai Frame located in the Zabeel Park location. The Dubai Frame ticket offer an observatory placed on top to check the distinct landmarks around, like the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa in the distance. An art gallery is also present on the first level of the Dubai Frame, which reflects the history of Dubai. A “Future Dubai” interactive audio-visual session is conducted at the premises for visitors to enjoy the activity here.

9. Dubai Gold Souk

The Dubai Gold Souk is a great place to visit while spending time here in April. The Gold Souk is located in the Al Fahidineighborhood and is known for its amazing collection of gold and jewelry. All the gold ornaments available here can be found at international rates, and proper discounts and rebates are available at many shops around the world.

10. Ibn Battuta Mall

The Ibn Battuta Mall is a distinct place to visit here in the city of Dubai during April. Named after a Moroccan traveler, this mall sports over 250 shops and stores for individuals to enjoy their shopping time here. A multiplex with 5-star hotels and a gym is also available at the complex premises, with six different sections named after distinct countries worldwide. They are named Tunisia Court, India Court, China Court, Andalusia Court, Egypt Court, and Persia Court.

Closing Thoughts

To conclude, these are the top 10 essential places to visit while spending the April month here in Dubai. Individuals can enjoy the varied activities with their families or loved ones here and spend cherishing moments around the destinations here in Dubai.

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