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How to Cancel a UAE Travel Ban Online in 5 Easy Steps

How to Cancel a UAE Travel Ban Online in 5 Easy Steps

You can do UAE Travel Ban Cancellation online in easy steps. Due to recent changes in the legislation, the UAE has enhanced the visa-related requirements. New measures have been introduced for the visit visa holders who are now required to secure their roundtrip tickets from the same airline and should also have a cash amount of Dh 3000.

Moreover, a travel ban can be issued for one reason or another, for example, legal problems or failure to pay a loan or credit card bill. If one thinks that they are on the list of travel bans, it is better to check it and, if confirmed, cancel it. Here’s how you can do it online:

How To Do UAE Travel Ban Cancellation Online: A Simple Guide

  1. Visit the Ministry of Justice Website

First, you need to go to the official website of the Ministry of Justice of the UAE and log in using UAE Pass. If you are not already a member of the website you will have to sign up for an account.

  1. Locate the Cancellation Request

Once signed in, look for the ‘Cancellation Request of Travel Ban Order’ link. This one is located in the ‘Case Management’ tab.

  1. Access Your Cases

Select the ‘My Cases’ tab to check any cases that have been instituted against you. This will show you all the cases connected to your profile.

  1. Request Cancellation

Study the specifics of each case and write a ‘request’ for cancellation regarding each of the cases. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire with your information to continue.

  1. Payment

Depending on your case, you may be required to make a payment. This fee is charged to complete the cancellation procedure for your order.

Additional Information

The reason for this is that the Ministry of Justice gives the time of five working days to process this particular service. In the course of applying for the cancellation of the travel ban, the applicant might be required to attach documents to back his/her request.

New System for Instant Tracking and Cancellation

Currently, the Judicial Enforcement Authority has adopted a new system that immediately monitors all the decisions made in this regard. This system also automatically disapproves these decisions on the grounds of failure to pay the necessary dues. The payment confirmation is then sent electronically for approval to the proper bodies within a short time.

In the case of travel bans that have been made based on non-payment, the respondents can obtain a copy of the cancellation decision from the smart app downloaded. The original document may then be used to complement travel procedures, and if needed, the soft copy shall suffice.

This streamlined process indicates the UAE’s continuous efforts to improve its judicial and administrative services, as well as facilitating the management of legal and immigration-related concerns for residents and visitors alike.

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