Qanat Al Qasba

Qanat Al Qasba

Treat your eyes to the captivating view of a waterfront community- Qanat Al Qasba. Away from the Al Majaz district, it is one of the famed cultural landmarks in the city. You will find various art centers, outdoor attractions, and other worth visiting spots. Qanat Al Qasba is the embodiment of Sharjah’s cultural movement. Moreover, its main motive is to encourage creative people with exclusive activities, events, etc.

One of the most popular attractions here is the Al Qasba Canal Sharjah, which is a family-friendly place for locals and tourists. Besides, every year the waterfront community organizes some spectacular events. Therefore, hundreds of tourists come here to be a part of it. Visit Qanat Al Qasba and ride a mini boat and float through the long canal. Furthermore, cherish the breathtaking view of the ‘Eye of the Emirates’ and watch how it is ruling the Dubai skyline.

There are other activities for guests to enjoy, like visiting the health center, football field, and spa. Besides, kids can indulge in many fun activities, like bicycle rides, bouncy castles, etc.

Places to visit near Qanat Al Qasba

The biggest reason behind the popularity of this community is the endless creative venues. Here is a detail of the places to visit in Qanat Al Qasba.

1. Al Qasba Plaza

Al Qasba Plaza is a complex where apartments and shops are listed for rent or lease. Furthermore, the scenic beauty of the place is praiseworthy. Gardens, shaded nooks, beautiful canals, and outdoor event spots- it is a well-decorated place and you must visit. Besides, you will find retail and dining options and the waterside entertainment opportunity makes it even more popular. The Al Qasba Mosque is another worth-visiting place. It is an uncommon mosque in the city that practices Friday sermons in English.

2. Maraya Art Centre

The Maraya Art Centre will surprise you, especially if you are an art fanatic. You will find the Art Centre situated amidst the community. The spellbinding three-level art facilities are useful in supporting passionate artists. Besides, it is a non-profit organization for local and international talents. You will spot an amazing video archive, art library, and other facilities. Furthermore, the Centre organizes various public programs. Visit the park adorned with sculptures and engaging projects.

3. Al Qasba Restaurants

Another exciting feature of Qanat Al Qasba is the abundance of dining options. This feature makes Al Qasba different from other neighboring communities. Most restaurants house diverse cuisines. Middle Eastern delights, Italian delicacies, French cuisine- you get everything. Besides, you will find attractive ice cream parlors and cafeterias where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. Don’t miss trying Turkish ice cream from here.

4. Musical Fountain

The Musical Fountain will blow your senses. It is also known as the Dancing Fountain, as it dances to the symphony of music. However, it only runs on Thursday and Friday. Therefore, don’t forget to catch a glimpse of this beauty, if you are in Sharjah. The show begins around 5 pm and runs till 12.30 am.


The opening time of Qanat Al Qasba is from 4:00 PM to 1:00 PM during the summer season. Whereas it opens from 10:00 AM during the winter season.

Final words

This guide rounds up everything about the Qanat Al Qasba. Hence, if the location and the activities seem engaging, you must spend some time here. Moreover, you can simply stroll around the area to enjoy the surrounding beauty and calmness of the water.

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