20 Interesting Facts of Burj Khalifa


The sheer view of Burj Khalifa is so stunning, that one can easily imagine how exquisite it must be when seen through naked eyes just in front of you. Well, Burj Khalifa has over the years acquired such fame that people actually look forward to planning a trip to Dubai, keeping the Burj Khalifa in mind. The credit goes to the people who built it so marvelously and perfectly. In brief, its architecture is something beyond awesome. People fall short of words, once they have visited Dubai, and witnessed its’ aesthetic inclination. No doubt it stands out to be a commercial hub and one of the most important trade centres in the World. The interesting part is Dubai has achieved success, within a very short span of time, which is truly remarkable.

Burj khalifa Dubai

To speak of Burj Khalifa specifically, here are 20 interesting facts about it, which are sure to enthrall you with even more awe and respect for it:

1) Tallest Building

The Burj Khalifa stands out to be the tallest building in the Dubai, the Middle East and the World at large Had it not been made people would never believe that something of this level could ever be achieved by mankind that too in a place known for its record-breaking summers.

2) The Burj Khalifa has broken all records and stands out to be 3 times taller than that of Eiffel Tower. Until recent years we knew Eiffel tower to be one of the most romantic places on this earth. But after the inception of Burj Khalifa, although the importance of Eiffel Tower has not changed, people have just added Burj Khalifa in Dubai in their list of “must visit once in a lifetime”.

3) Design Concept

The design of the tower is inspired by a flower named as Hymenocallis flower. Although the flower was not that famous, yet after the fame of Burj Khalifa, people have known it more widely and prevalently.

4) Burj Khalifa boasts of having more than 2500 parking spaces, 300 plus hotels and 900 plus apartments. Once in Dubai, you can treat yourself at the tallest restaurant in the World, serving you the best of cuisines from the best ever Chefs, and create a lifetime memory for yourself.

5) Highest Elevators

It has 163 floors above the ground and 1 floor below the ground, with 58 functional elevators, running at a high speed of 10 meters per second. The building is well maintained and technically equipped to handle any discrepancy that might come over. The elevators have been purchased from Otis Elevator Company known to be the best company for elevators.

6) Owner

The construction of Burj Khalifa started in the year 2004 and was completed in the year 2010. The owner of the tower is Emaar, and Skidmore Owings and Merill are its architects. Their phenomenal work has set an example in the World.

7) Everyday Cleaning

The tower has panels outside the building from where machines loaded with workers carry out cleaning activities throughout the day, to keep it clean and beautiful as it is.

8) No Reception Hotel

The second Armani hotel in the World is located at Burj Khalifa. An interesting fact about it is that it has no reception since its owner wanted his guests to feel at home when visiting the restaurant so designed by him.

9) Name Change

The Tower was named as Burj Dubai initially but later was renamed as Burj Khalifa to honour the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Khalifa. It is surrounded by the huge Dubai fountain which is as huge as two stadiums combined together. If you wish you can easily sail on the Dubai fountain through the abra boats.

10) Temperature Difference

The temperature at the base of Burj Khalifa and at the top differs from 15 -17 degree Celsius. It takes roughly three to four months to clean the entire tower. Find out the best time to visit Abu Dhabi here.

11) Total Workers Used to Construct the Burj Khalifa

It took around 12,000 workers to construct the peak of Burj Khalifa. On the day of its opening 10,000 fireworks were shot to celebrate it in the grandest possible way.

12) Huge Aluminum and Glasses Were Used

It is said that if one places the aluminum bars of the building one after the other, it will cover one-quarter of the globe. The entire building has 26,000 panels of glasses, and believe it or not each panel is being manually cut by hand by the workers.

13) Residential  Apartment

Burj Khalifa also witnesses the highest placed residential apartments for the first time in history. The view from the apartments is really mesmerizing.

14) The Base of Burj Khalifa

Ironically, the tallest building in the World is built on a sandy base, whereas most of the tall buildings of the World are made on a solid rock base. This has surely created history and left people awestruck.

15) Largest Crane Used

It took 3 of the World’s largest cranes to construct Burj Khalifa, which has a capacity to lift 25 tones of a load.

16) Floors are made with glasses

Burj Khalifa Stairs steps made with glass

Burj Khalifa is as beautiful as the city of Dubai and its rich culture. The corridor to the spa is made of glass in each floor, and lighting is aligned in such a way as to give the feeling of walking on water.

17) Garden in the Burj Kalifa

The gardens alongside Burj Khalifa comprise of a huge area of landmass, and they are watered everyday using condensation technique from the air conditioners and atmospheric moisture together.

18) Safety

At any given point of time, the Burj Khalifa can hold up to ten thousand people. Before its opening or inauguration 40, wind tunnel tests were conducted to ensure its safety.

19) Library

It is home to the World’s tallest library located at floor 123. So, during your Dubai visit, you can enjoy the privilege of reading books hanging up there in the middle of the sky.

20) Total Keys

Last but not the least, it is quite surprising a fact that the security guards of Burj Khalifa hold a total of 45,000 keys. On a foggy day, standing on the observation decks, the workers very well have a feeling of standing above the clouds.

So, majestic is the beauty of Burj Khalifa and Dubai at large, that more is actually less for complementing them. It has actually increased the footfalls of Dubai, giving rise to more number of tourists visiting Dubai every year, making it an important commercial centre as well. Dubai is strictly administered and aesthetically maintained by the Government over there. This is the sole reason why it has almost zero to no crime rates, which also ensures the safety of tourists along with the common people.


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