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Children’s City Dubai: Things to Do, Timing, Ticket Price & More

Children’s City Dubai: Things to Do, Timing, Ticket Price & More

Thinking of traveling to Dubai with kids and children and looking for some perfect attractions around the place for them to cherish? Then, this post is just for you. Dubai can be affirmed as a grand destination dotted with gorgeous waterparks, serene sea beaches, and a vibrant desert zone for guests to spend time here. The cityscape is also lined with lavish hotels, posh lounges and resorts, and a chain of opulent cafes across the amazing destination. Among all the wonderful locations to check out around Dubai for children, the Children’s City is worth mentioning for spending a grand time on the premises.

The following article takes visitors over the distinct details and attributes of the place, along with the exciting activities to cherish here.

Children’s City Dubai: An Educational and Entertainment Zone for Kids

The Children’s City in Dubai is a beautiful destination to check out around the Dubai Creek location, which plays as an entertainment zone for kids to enjoy the activities here. Kids between the ages of 2 and 15 can spend their time learning, researching, playing, exploring, and engaging in the vivid activities around them. The place is meticulously curated for kids’s activities and contains a toddler zone, a nature center, a planetarium, an interactive communication zone, a space exploration area, human living conditions, and a human body center. Kids and children can pass their time engaging in the various exhibits and sections around the Children’s City, visiting galleries, learning about international cultures, and immersing themselves in the entertainment options available across the grand area.

Visitors can also enjoy the rich seminars and educational classes conducted around the place for individuals and school-going children across the grand premises.

Activities to enjoy across Children’s City Dubai?

An assortment of thrilling activities can be enjoyed around the Children’s City Dubai, and the proper ones are underlined below for the readers.

1. Earth Sciences Exhibit

The Earth Sciences Exhibit is considered one of the popular exhibits to check out around the Children’s City. If your kid is a budding scientist, then they would certainly love the visual representations of the varied nature and science involved in the matter. Some of the images and details of climate and oceanic features are offered by NASA here on the premises.

2. International Culture Zone

The International Culture Zone is a vivid destination that exhibits numerous relics and artifacts from different cultures and periods in the world. Kids and visitors can explore the place and learn about the various events, cultures, and traditions from across the world. Countless old coins, photographs, ceremonial swords, collections of maps, and early apparel can be checked here.

3. Human Body Exhibit

If you have the doctor in you, then this place is just apt for learning adventures. Kids and visitors can learn about the varied body parts and organs of the human body here. The place also exhibits an enormous mouth where visitors can enter and learn about the different features and attributes in detail here on the premises.

4. Nature Center

The Nature Center is a fine destination to visit here and explore the varied plants, flowers, and other natural conditions in the UAE. Numerous vivid exhibits and displays can be checked around that allow visitors to experience the natural climatic conditions here as seen in movies. A cineplex, along with rare plants and dinosaur models, can be checked here across the destination.

5. Space exploration along with a planetarium

The Space Exploration Area is known for the natural mysteries and cosmos-related details around the place. Visitors can check out rock samples, spacesuits and gloves, a gyroscope chair, and an Apollo aircraft replica. The Planetarium is another exhibit to check out here that displays high-resolution images of space over the six-domed sections, with a capacity of 100 guests.

6. Toddler’s Area with a Resource Zone

The toddler area is a perfect spot for toddlers to enjoy games and exciting activities. Over 30 distinct courses and games can be checked here that have a piano, slide, and waterbed across the destination. The Resource Center also contains various learning materials, books, and interactive programs that teach about the culture, history, and geography of distinct regions around the globe.

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What is the best time to visit Children’s City ?

The Children’s City in Dubai can be visited at any time of the year, as it is mainly an indoor entertainment zone here. Summers can get searingly hot, so avoiding the harsh summer sun rays is important during this time. Winters are proper to travel to the location without any stress and enjoy a cherished time across the premises here at the Children’s City across the Dubai Creek Park area.

Nearby Places to Visit

The 5 popular places to visit near the Children’s City in Dubai are as follows:

How to Reach Children’s City ?

There are various ways to travel to Children’s City Dubai, which is located between Umm al-Hurair 2 and Bur Dubai. Visitors can opt for public RTA services such as bus lines C15, C4, 10, 28, X23, and E304. The Metro Line M2 can be utilized to ply along the Children’s City destination in Dubai. The nearest metro station is the Oud Metha Metro Station, which can also be reached by private cabs and taxis.

In a Nutshell

To end with, these are the top features and activities to conclude around the Children’s City in Dubai. Visitors can enjoy their time visiting the immersive exhibits and learning about the different bodies and sciences related to the solar system we live in. Distinct educational programs and practical classes are also conducted for kids and adults to cherish their grand time along t

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there an entry fee to visit the Children’s City in Dubai?

A: A nominal entry fee is required to pay for visiting this place.

Q: What is the proper time to visit the Children’s City?

A: The Children’s City remains open from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. and between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. The place remains closed on weekends and during the Ramadan season.

Q: What are the distinct sections to visit around?

A: The sections to visit around include the Human Body section, the Earth Sciences exhibit, the Nature Center, the Space Exploration Area, a multi-cultural zone, and a toddler’s area.

Q: What is the nearest metro station to visit this place?

A: The Oud Metha Metro Station is nearest to one.

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