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15 Best Places to Visit in Summer in Dubai

15 Best Places to Visit in Summer in Dubai

Dubai is certainly a magical destination for visitors and tourists from around the globe, with various thrilling activities and opulent landmarks to witness around the location. Individuals coming to Dubai during the summer season can enjoy the indoor activities and destinations around the location. The weather here in Dubai during the summer tends to get pretty hot, so it is best to avoid any outdoor activities in the daytime. Apart from that, visitors can enjoy their time at the classy cafes and lounges around, serving the best authentic cuisines from around the globe. The following article sheds light on the 15 best places to visit in Dubai during the summer season with friends and loved ones.

15 top places to visit in Dubai during the summer season

There are various places to visit in Dubai during the summertime, and the top 15 destinations are listed below for informational purposes.

Dubai Dolphinarium

The Dubai Dolphinarium is a great place for individuals to spend time in Dubai during the summer season. The complex premises are indoors, which are centrally air-conditioned to keep guests cool. Visitors can witness the amazing feats of the friendly dolphins and sea lions as they pull tricks and stunts around the auditorium premises here. Various details regarding the habitats and food habits of the aquatic creatures are depicted here, along with the medical attention provided by the officers. Guests can also enjoy a swim around the pool pods here with the friendly dolphins around.

Lost Chambers Aquarium

The Lost Chambers Museum is another distinct place to visit with friends and family and enjoy a wonderful time around the location here at the Atlantis. Around 65,000 aquatic creatures can be spotted around, along with 300 species of animals, along with a beautifully decorated aquarium bed filled with glittering relics, coins, and artifacts. A small café can be found around the location that lets visitors enjoy a cup of their favorite coffee with a view of the majestic aquatic animals around here.

Dhow Cruise, Dubai Marina

Individuals coming to Dubai can enjoy the dhow cruises around the Dubai Marina region and spend quality time with loved ones. These cruises are pretty lavish and allow individuals to witness the glorious sight of the Dubai skyline from their Persian Gulf location. Various sumptuous delicacies and treats are served onboard for the guests while spending quality time spotting dolphin pods around. Visitors can come in groups or just rent the cruises for a couple here around the Dubai Marina location.

Dhow Cruise, Dubai Creek

Another important place to enjoy the summer season is at the Dubai Creek location here. Visitors can bring their loved ones and enjoy the majestic dhow cruises across the waterway. Guests and visitors can gauge the vivid sights of Dubai landmarks with the amazing decorations and lighting around the city. A fine dining arrangement is also provided onboard these dhow cruise Dubai Creek, with vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options for the visitors. It is best to connect with the authorities here to avail of the dhow cruise ride without any hassle.

Evening Desert Safari

Visitors coming to Dubai during the summer season can also enjoy the evening desert safari tours conducted around the city. Evening Desert Safari tour starts with the captivating sights of the setting sun here while engaging in thrilling activities like dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, dune buggy rides, and camel riding conducted around the desert here. In the evening, individuals are escorted to Bedouin-themed private camps while enjoying a great dining experience here. Visitors can also enjoy the Henna Art shows along with Tanoura and belling dancing live performances conducted around the Dubai desert.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is another destination to enjoy the summer season and beat the horrid heat of the place. Visitors can enjoy their trip to the Mall of Emirates and check out the naturally snow-capped area here. Guests can spend their time tobogganing, sliding using sleds, and also creating snowmen. For a more thrilling time, individuals can take part in the thrilling ski activity across the 65-meter elevated slope here in Ski Dubai. A group of penguins can also be spotted here while sipping on a hot coffee around the Avalanche Café.

Dubai Mall

Visitors coming to Dubai during the summer months can enjoy the varied activities around the Dubai Mall location here. Numerous retail outlets can be found here, offering branded goods and products at affordable prices with discounts. Guests can also witness the gigantic fossil of the pre-historic dinosaur Diplodocus longus around the lower floors here. A gallery along with an ice-skating rink can be checked around the location here at the Dubai Mall premises.

The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is another mesmerizing spot to visit and engage in several fun-filled activities around. Individuals can take their time and enjoy shopping around the retail outlets here. A chain of restaurants and cafes can be spotted around the complex premises, serving authentic Arabian delicacies with exotic beverages. Guests can also check out the observatory on top and immerse themselves in the panoramic views of the Dubai skyline and the magnificent landmarks around them.

Dubai Frame

Another location to spend a splendid time during the summer season is the Dubai Frame destination here. The 150-meter-tall frame is a great spot to take selfies and snapshots around the premises here. A gallery is also located on the first floor that showcases the evolution of the UAE along with the futuristic approaches to be utilized in the coming days. Visitors can also check the observatory on top and gauge the remarkable sight of Dubai around them. A glass walkway can also be checked on the top, providing scintillating views of the surrounding location.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Guests and visitors coming to Dubai during the summer months can enjoy the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo available around the city. The place is known for its 10-million-liter tank space, which contains enormous predators, aquatic creatures, and coral reefs. More than 30,000 marine animals can be spotted here, such as stingrays, sharks, cods, barracudas, crabs, seahorses, turtles, and even live starfish. Individuals can also opt for cage snorkeling along the premises and enjoy a summer trip around the location here.

Laguna Waterpark, Dubai

The Laguna Waterpark in Dubai is an outstanding place to beat the heat and enjoy water activities around the place. The waterpark is divided into four different parts, which include the kids’ zone, thrill zone, surf zone, and relax zone. Individuals can enjoy their time surfing around the WaveOz 180 or reveling in the varied treats and delicacies available around the food courts here. The Manta and Constrictor are two of the thrill rides that can be enjoyed here at the Laguna Waterpark.

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

The Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark is another great place to spend the summer and splash around at the water rides and slides here. Individuals can enjoy a variety of 300 rides along the location, with play areas and relaxation pool zones around. Poseidon’s Tower and River Rapids are a few of the thrilling rides available here at the waterpark premises. A tethered balloon flight can also be enjoyed from Poseidon’s Tower location, which showcases the vibrant beauty of Dubai and the mesmerizing landmarks around it.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

The IMG Worlds of Adventure is an indoor amusement park based in Dubai that is filled with numerous thrilling and entertaining activities. Numerous rides and slides can be checked around the location here, along with enjoying activities like Dino Carousel, Avengers Battle of Ultron, The Haunted Hotel, Predator, and Hulk Epsilon Base 3D. Visitors can bring their kids here and enjoy the marvelous interactive shows conducted around the IMG Worlds of Adventure.


The Ifly is another indoor destination to visit in Dubai that allows visitors to float across a 10-meter-long glass tunnel and enjoy the feel of skydiving here. Proper safety equipment and gear are provided before the start of the activity here, which is pretty popular among adventure enthusiasts across the planet. Individuals with medical problems and pregnant women are restricted from participating in the activity here in Dubai.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

The Wild Wadi Waterpark is an excellent location to visit with friends and family and enjoy a great time there. The place is known for its 30 different water rides, along with 3 different zones to enjoy around the location here in Dubai. Visitors can delve into the fascinating views of the Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach while enjoying thrilling rides like Master Blaster and Tantrum Alley here at the location.

Concluding Thoughts

To wrap up, these are the top 15 places to visit in Dubai during the summer season and spend an exciting time with friends and families around. It is advised to bring in proper skin protection creams and lotions, along with sunglasses and headwear, to protect from the horrid heat conditions around the Dubai location here.