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Tanoura Dance: What Is It, History, and Where to Watch?

Tanoura Dance: What Is It, History, and Where to Watch?

Dubai has been an effervescent destination for tourists and travelers while delving into the rich history and luxury of the place. There are various activities to consider in the region, with the Tanoura dance form being the most prominent. The dance form originated in the Egyptian era around the 12th century and has still been practiced by Sufi artists around the world. The dance form depicts male artists wearing colorful skirts and dancing around while chanting “Allah” in synchronization. The amazing display of the dance form connects individuals to their spiritual and religious sides and also resembles the cosmic birth of stars and planets around them.

What is the Tanoura Dance?

The Tanoura dance form is mainly a spiritual dance form that is performed by male Sufi artists to create a majestic aura with their dance performances. The dance art is mainly performed in Middle Eastern countries, which include Iran, Turkey, Arab countries, and Egypt. The dance form mainly originated in the 12th century in Egypt, and the first performances were recorded in Alexandria. The word “Tanoura” signifies “skirt” in English, which is adorned by the artists during their performances.

The colorful skirts are mainly worn by Sufi men and connect the dots between the spiritual realm and the performances. The complex dance form also involves the performers spinning in a rotating motion continuously and chanting “Allah” alongside their performances. Egyptian traditions include Tanoura dance shows during weddings and occasions celebrated across households in the Middle East.

History of the Tanoura Dance Form

The Tanoura dance form dates back to around the 12th century when it was performed by both male and female Sufi artists. According to recent claims, this dance form was widespread in the early times, when rulers of the regions used to conduct such dance performances to keep their guests entertained at the palaces. Several Sufi artists have also learned the dance form, which they used to practice in the desert region around them. This practice is still in operation, which attracts millions of tourists to witness the ethereal Tanoura dance performances in the Middle East. There is a huge demand of tanoura dance during the new year party in Dubai that attracts millions of tourist every year.

Tanoura dance art involves a male Sufi artist wearing a colorful skirt and then spinning continuously with a cane in hand. The swift circular motions, along with the mix and match of the colors on the skirt, reflect an amazing spirit throughout the performing center.

Where can I watch the Tanoura dance performances?

The Tanoura dance performances can be checked around several places across Dubai, and the most profound ones are depicted below for the audience’s understanding.

1) Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Visitors and guests opting to travel to Dubai can enjoy the dhow cruise rides across the Dubai Marina region. Numerous captivating activities can be enjoyed onboard the cruises while cherishing the Tanoura dance shows performed onboard by professional artists. Relishing the succulent delicacies and enjoying the Tanoura dance performances around can certainly uplift anyone’s mood here at the dhow cruises in Dubai Marina.

  • Location: Dubai Marina, Dubai
  • Tour Duration: 2 to 3 hours
  • Entry: Paid Entry
  • Transportation: Both private and public transportation are available.

2) Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

The Dhow Cruise around Dubai Creek is another mesmerizing tour to conclude with Tanoura dance shows conducted onboard. Visitors can cherish the assortment of lip-smacking delicacies served on the dhow cruises, with the option of delving into the majestic Tanoura dance performances here on the cruises. Visitors can also enjoy the mystical sights of Dubai by taking a dhow cruise along Dubai Creek.

  • Location: Dubai Creek, Dubai
  • Tour Duration: 2 to 3 hours
  • Entry: Paid Entry
  • Transportation: Both private and public transportation are available.

3) Private Desert Safari Tour

Private Desert Safari

Visitors and guests coming to Dubai can also enjoy the private desert safari tours conducted around the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve location. Visitors can enjoy an array of exciting and captivating activities while spending a lavish time at the Bedouin-styled camps in the desert. Amazing gourmet options with BBQ campfires can be enjoyed with Tanoura dance shows performed by professional Sufi practitioners around.

  • Location: Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Dubai
  • Tour Duration: 6 to 8 hours
  • Entry: Paid Entry
  • Transportation: Only private transportation is available.

4) Karama Souk

The Karama Souk is located in the heart of Dubai and is known for the amazing Tanoura dance performances conducted by local artists. Various shops and stalls adorn the souk area and have numerous vantage points to cherish the views of the dance from distinct locations around. Visitors can also pose around with the friendly dancers and click memorable pictures for the future here at the Dubai location.

  • Location: Al Karama, Dubai
  • Tour Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Entry: Free Entry
  • Transportation: Both private and public transportation are available.

In a Nutshell

To sum up, these are a few distinct details and facts regarding the Tanoura dance forms and the various locations that conduct the dance performances here around Dubai. Visitors can accompany their loved ones and witness the grand dance celebrations along with the fascinating activities to conclude around the Dubai location in the UAE.

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