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Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Dubai to Take Cool Pictures

Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Dubai to Take Cool Pictures

List of 10 best Instagrammable Places in Dubai: This city has been an exquisite destination for many, as they can enjoy the vibrant sea beaches along with the assortment of water sports concluded here. Individuals visit Dubai to revel in the luxury facilities and enjoy the vivid Dubai cuisine along the food outlets here. Apart from the engrossing rides and attractions, individuals can delve into the cultural and traditional habitats of the Emirati folks and check out the heritage sites and museums around the Bur Dubai location. Cruises and tours are also conducted around the place, providing the best sightseeing of the surrounding regions and the lush green vegetation around the place. Numerous places around Dubai can awe-inspire anyone and are the most Instagrammed ones on social media.

Let us look at the 10 best enthralling places to visit here, portrayed below for the audience to read.

1. Burj Khalifa

Among all the Burj Khalifa is the top Instagrammable Places in Dubai. It is a massive monument and is acclaimed as the most elevated tower in the world. The Burj Khalifa is known for the luxury gastronomical lounges and outlets available, along with plush malls and areas for family time. 3D cinemas with Dolby Atmos sound effects are a must-see at the Burj Khalifa premises here. Individuals can also check out the observatory present on the 144th level and enjoy the stunning view of the magnificent Dubai skyline here. Individuals can take snaps and upload them to their social media accounts online.

2. Al-Lahbab Desert

The Al Lahbab desert is another place where individuals can spend their time with loved ones and enjoy thrilling activities like dune bashing, quad biking, and buggy riding through the sandy terrain. Visitors can also check out the surreal view of the sunrise and sunset with camel rides along the desert area to glance at the Bedouin life here. An eloquent BBQ dining experience with live performances from Tanoura and Belly dancers is a thrill to watch here. Individuals can click pictures and videos of the wonderful time spent here in the deserts.

3. Al Hajar Mountains

Another place to revel and spend quality time with loved ones is the Al Hajar Mountains. The region is known for the enthralling hot air balloon rides conducted around that take guests on a satisfying trip while air floating around Dubai City. Individuals can check the vivid sunrises from the top and the amazing view of the wildlife and city topography from an elevation of 4,000 feet here. Couples and partners can enjoy the activity here while taking snaps for their Instagram profiles here in Dubai.

4. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is an excellent place to spend time in Dubai while relaxing on the seashore and tanning the body. Individuals can relax and spend their time strolling around the promenades or the shorelines along the coast with their partners here. Various watersports and thrilling rides are conducted around the place, which include jet-ski rides, kite surfing rides, flyboarding, wakeboarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, and more. Numerous food joints and outlets can be seen around the beach area here in Dubai.

5. Lost Chambers Aquarium

The Lost Chambers Aquarium in Atlantis, Palm, is another great destination to visit with friends and family. The aquarium is a massive one covered with toughened glass, with a variety of relics and artifacts around the depths to watch. Individuals can also check out the 65,000 marine animals roaming the aquarium, along with 300 distinct species of them. Visitors can also get to watch the shark feeding shows exhibited at the aquarium premises here in Dubai.

6. Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai is another vibrant place available on Bluewaters Island for glancing at the vivid sight scenes around. The Ain Dubai is the largest Ferris wheel available around the world and also holds an observatory on top of the 820-foot colossal structure. Individuals can marvel at the massive Dubai horizon around them and check the magnanimous Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina locations from the top. It is really a great place to enjoy and take pictures along the way with friends and family in Dubai.

7. Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina can be acclaimed as a luxurious destination, providing lavish services to its customers. Individuals can go on trips around the locations or opt for luxury cruises with partners. Various watersports are also conducted here, with the option of posh dining at the clubs and pubs around. Various sightings can be viewed from the cruises here, along with the options of viewing Tanoura dance shows onboard the dhow boats here in Dubai. There are several activities that can be performed here like Jet Car in Dubai Marina, or go for a romantic evening with Catamaran Cruise with your partner.

8. Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is an excellent destination for shoppers and individuals looking forward to spending quality time here in Dubai. The Dubai Mall hosts a massive skeleton of a Diplodocus longus dinosaur on the ground level, with over 1,200 stores and shops around. An ice-skating rink along with a penguin habitat is available to check out here at the Dubai Mall. Numerous multiplexes, along with playing areas for kids, are available to enjoy around the Dubai Mall location here. Dubai Mall is certainly a great place to snap pictures with family and friends and flaunt them on our social media platforms.

9. Dubai Dolphinarium

Individuals can check out the Dubai Dolphinarium and engage in interactive shows and activities around the place. Individuals can opt for the dolphin show that exhibits the skills and physical strength of these aquatic animals. Various interactive audio-visuals are available that help in understanding the lives of the animals here. Individuals can also opt to swim with them at the pools created around the Dolphinarium.

10. Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek, located in the Bur Dubai region, is an enthralling place to take partners along. Dhow cruises are conducted around the Dubai Creek region, allowing individuals to cherish the vibrant Dubai scenes along with indulging in varied dining arrangements within the dhow boats. Tanoura dancing shows are exhibited at the dhow cruise creek, while individuals also get the option of long walks along the majestic promenades around the Dubai Creek region. Take pictures and post them on your Instagram accounts for likes and reactions from friends and colleagues around you.

Final Word

To end with, these are the top 10 places in Dubai to snap pictures and post them on our Instagram accounts. These locations are pretty epic, and individuals are sure to cherish the memories spent here in Dubai. Individuals can bring their families or friends here to the locations and behold the sights of the enigmatic landmarks around Dubai.


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