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Saadiyat Island: Things to Do, Best Time to Visit & More

Saadiyat Island: Things to Do, Best Time to Visit & More

This Saadiyat Island is a top notch leisure place. Find things to do, how to reach, best time to visit and more.  With scenic locations and sandy stretches of white beaches around, Abu Dhabi is an exotic location for visitors to spend their time enjoying the magnificent attractions and world-class landmarks around here. Visitors flock to Abu Dhabi to enjoy the serene ambiance while cooling off at the beautiful locations here. Saadiyat Island is one place that requires proper mention and is home to luxury amenities, malls, beach villas, and 5-star resorts around the place. Individuals can also opt for renting or buying properties here while checking out the off-plan developments around the city.

Let us have a look at the important features and things to do around Saadiyat Island with friends and loved ones described below for the readers.

Saadiyat Island: An Oasis of Luxury, Entertainment, & Posh Lifestyle

Saadiyat Island is located in Abu Dhabi and is a place to conclude luxurious activities, check the natural flora, and immerse yourself in the traditional ideas and culture of the Emirati locals here. The place is known for its upscale residential properties, top-notch hotels, and world-acclaimed attractions. The place was opened to the public in 2009 and has since witnessed an influx of visitors.

Things to See at Saadiyat Island

The Saadiyat Island is comprised of seven distinct districts and covers an area of 27 square kilometers. Various activities can be cherished here, along with the following opulent locations mentioned below.

  • Sheikh Zayed National Museum
  • Louvre, Abu Dhabi
  • Guggenheim, Abu Dhabi
  • Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Center, and more.

1. Sheikh Zayed National Museum

The Sheikh Zayed National Museum is a great location to visit because it showcases various artifacts, relics, ancient coins, weapons, and even cultural and traditional elements. The place is still under construction, and work is in progress to get it opened to the public sooner. The developments have been carried out by Foster + Partners and accommodate five solar thermal panels on top of the complex. This is done to ensure the passage of cool wind into the interiors of the building.

2. Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is a world-class art center that has been developed in Abu Dhabi according to an agreement with France and the UAE. Various paintings, art forms, sculptures, and distinct artifacts can be checked here at the location. The place covers a total area of 24,000 square meters, with 8,000 square meters of gallery sections around it. The dome over the top weighs the same as the Eiffel Tower and is intricately designed using solid steel to resemble palm leaves above. Various works by eminent artists, including Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh, can be checked out here at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

3. Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

The Guggenheim Museum is a planned art museum and exhibition house that would showcase some of the historical arts and random exhibitions by renowned artists at the location. The project was handled by Frank Gehry and is ascertained to be the largest of the Guggenheim museums present to date. The museum is also situated around the Persian Gulf, with its three sides surrounding the waters here, making it act as a breakwater.

4. Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Center

The Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Center is divided into an opera house, five distinct theater halls, and a few exhibition areas around the location here on Saadiyat Island. Visitors looking to enjoy arts, drama, design, and music subjects can enjoy the large 3,557-square-meter exhibition area here. Various stores and shops, along with stand-alone food courts, can be checked here in the 28,692 square-meter area around the arts center here on Saadiyat Island.

Activities to enjoy on Saadiyat Island

There are various fun-filled activities to conclude around Saadiyat Island. Individuals can enjoy shopping around the malls here, cherish the beach resorts and villas, participate in the thrilling watersports around, and visit world-class museums and art centers, along with posh residential properties to rent and buy around the island area here in Abu Dhabi.

Various schools and institutions can be checked here, along with religious mosques and temples around the area. The St. Paul’s Church, Nurul Haramin Mosque, and Omara Hindu Temple are located around the Saadiyat Island premises here. Distinct malls can also be checked around the location, including Village Mall, Saadiyat Beach Mall, and The Galleria Mall, located around the region.

Best time to visit the Saadiyat island

Abu Dhabi can get a lot hotter in the summer days, so it is advisable to visit Saadiyat Island during the winter. Various carnivals, events, and concerts are concluded during this time, along with various entertainment options for the visitors to enjoy here.

How to reach Saadiyat Island conveniently?

It is just 15 minutes away from the Abu Dhabi International Airport and has major roads connecting it to the Yas Island around. Metro can be used until the Sheikh Zayed Bridge while reaching other Emirates like Dubai and Sharjah city with ease within 40–50 minutes. The Saadiyat Beach is also a 15-minute drive from Abu Dhabi and is a great place to enjoy here.

Places to visit near Saadiyat Island

Distinct places to visit around Saadiyat Island are :

  • Jubail Mangrove Park,
  • Ramhan Island,
  • Zeera Island,
  • Al Reem Island,
  • Al Lulu Island,
  • Khalifa Park, and
  • Al Bateen Beach.


To wrap up, these are a few distinct details and things to check around this island premises here in Abu Dhabi. Visitors can enjoy the amazing ambiance along with luxurious beaches while relishing quality time with partners and loved ones around the destination here at Saadiyat Island, located in Abu Dhabi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any malls around the Saadiyat island?

A: The Saadiyat Beach Mall, the Galleria Mall, and the Village Mall are a few of the amazing malls to check out here on Saadiyat Island.

Q: Do visitors need to have entry tickets to check out Saadiyat Island here?

A: No entry tickets are required to visit Saadiyat Island here, but a few activities around the location may incur costs for participation.

Q: What are the best attractions along Saadiyat Island?

A: The Louvre Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Beach, and the Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Center are a few of the top attractions to check out here on Saadiyat Island.

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