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15 Best Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi

15 Best Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi

List of best places to visit in Abu Dhabi: The capital of the Emirates is a treasure within itself. Marvelous architecture, ancient monuments, pristine beaches- Abu Dhabi is the other name for luxury. Likewise, you will find mega malls, shopping plazas, and adventure activities. Perched on the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi boasts a sheer mix of traditional and contemporary culture. It is a lively city like Dubai, but it is less crowded and has minimal traffic on the road. Therefore, plan a long trip to Abu Dhabi and don’t return until you complete each attraction.

15 best places to visit in Abu Dhabi

1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Experience the beauty of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the biggest mosques in the UAE. The mind-blowing white architecture and marvelous dome make it an epitome of beauty and peace. A guided tour will enlighten you about the history, architecture, and importance of the mosque.

Admire the beautiful chandeliers, exquisite Islamic architecture, and tranquil atmosphere that permeate this place of worship. Finally, wait till sunset to admire the lunar lights- it reveals the moon’s six different phases.

2. Emirates Palace

The magnificent Emirates Palace is renowned for its beauty and grandeur. Therefore, spend a night in this luxurious hotel to experience unrivaled luxury. It is Abu Dhabi’s most hyped tourist place and covers an area of 100 acres.

Additionally, the Palace features a private beach and lounge at the forefront of an enchanting blue water setting. Enjoy a wonderful afternoon tea or an exclusive dinner at any luxurious restaurant inside.

3. Corniche Beach

Corniche Beach is a gorgeous coastline adorned with crystal-clear seas and gentle sand coastlines. Escape from the rush and bustle of the city to spend some fun time in this tranquil environment. Walk on the beach, spend some time in the sun, or cherish a cool dip in the Arabian Gulf. Besides, you can bring your kids and let them have fun in the separate kid’s playground. Furthermore, try the unique services such as water sports, a library, and volleyball and basketball court.

4. Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi is a perfect place to explore the fusion of art, culture, and history. Observe the exceptional art collection by eminent artists, like Leonardo Da Vinci, Claude Monet, and others. It is more like a gallery housing priceless artworks from extreme corners of the world.

Besides, the thematic distribution of the artwork will amaze you. Moreover, kids can participate in the special workshops at the Children’s Museum to explore sensational creations ever made.

5. Yas Island

Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island is an entertainment hub. Ideal to spend an exciting weekend, Yas Island features thrill and adventurous factors. If you enjoy thrilling watersports, try snorkeling or parasailing at Yas Beach.

Adventure doesn’t limit to outdoor sports. Hence, you can try the Emirate’s first indoor skydiving. Besides, Climb Dubai is fun too, as it is an indoor game of climbing walls. Additionally, you can visit the sprawling Yas Mall for some retail therapy.

6. Ferrari World

A trip to Abu Dhabi is incomplete without a day spent in the adventurous Ferrari World. It is the world’s first Ferrari-themed Park. Therefore, take your family or friends here and challenge them to try Formula Rossa- the world’s speedy roller coaster.

Experience riding a Ferrari through the race tracks and feel the true ‘Need for Speed.’ Besides, you can also try the exciting go-kart with your buddies. Finally, don’t forget to capture fond memories of the park in your camera to cherish.

7. Emirates Park Zoo

Spend a day amidst the Emirati wildlife at the Emirates Park Zoo. Book a meal with an animal, like breakfast with a giraffe, a thrill lunch experience with a leopard, or dinner with the elephants to spice things up. Moreover, explore Bird Park to interact with the eagles and parrots. Additionally, visit Flamingo Park to see pink flamingoes in real.

8. Warner Bros

Relive your childhood nostalgia at Abu Dhabi’s Warner Bros World. It is the biggest indoor park featuring an all-Warner Bros theme. Divided into six different theme zones, Warner Bros is heaven for the 90s kids. However, others will enjoy the vibe of the park too.

Once get the Warner Bros Abu Dhabi tickets, then try 29 different thrilling rides with your family or friends and make the most out of it. Besides, spot your most-loved cartoon characters, heroes, and villains. Get Warner Bros theme merchandise from each zone as a memento of the park.

9. Heritage Village

The Heritage Villa’s old roads will take you on a timeless journey to the past when locals had a simple lifestyle. Spot how old-school art is made. Stroll through the village souk selling authentic Arabian spices, handmade soaps, etc.

10. Mangrove National Park

The Emirates’ biggest mangrove population resides in the Mangrove National Park. Although it is not very popular, but is a hidden gem of the city. It is home to 60 indigenous birds like herons, egrets, flamingoes, and kingfishers.

Therefore, it is a hidden treasure for the birdwatchers. Besides, you can try activities like kayaking through the park, and sunrise and sunset tours to cherish the beauty of the surroundings.

11. Observation Deck at 300

Treat your eyes to unobstructed beguiling views of the Abu Dhabi skyline while standing on the 74th floor of Etihad Towers. Popularly known as the Observation Deck at 300, it is more like Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. Don’t forget to visit the Burj Khalifa at the top.

Additionally, peak through the powerful telescopes and spot famed icons of the city- Corniche, Grand Mosque, Emirates Palace, and more. What’s more? Try freshly brewed tea and coffee while relaxing in the lounge area.

12. Marina Eye

The Marina Eye is a colossal Ferris wheel, standing against the Abu Dhabi skyline, and is similar to Ain Dubai. An enthralling ride on the wheel gives a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city.

Furthermore, book VIP capsules, sit inside the air-conditioned zone, and listen to the live audio. The audio is useful to learn about the visible attractions from the Marina Eye.

13. Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Dedicated to Emirates national bird- Falcon, Abu Dhabi’s Falcon Hospital is another fascinating attraction in the city. The Falcon Hospital is a fully air-conditioned luxurious hospital made solely to treat these majestic birds.

In addition, visit the on-site museum to learn more about this fascinating creature. Watch the falcon pedicure treatment- definitely, a unique experience to try in Abu Dhabi.

14. Bounce Abu Dhabi

Bounce Abu Dhabi is an exciting indoor game to enjoy jumping on the trampolines. The park offers various trampoline courses. Therefore, you can choose from casual fun to difficult core exercises. Moreover, you can explore the Free Arena to improve your trampoline skills.

15. Emirates Auto National Museum

Ever imagined visiting a museum displaying vehicles HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan owns? Sounds too fancy? However, you will start believing after visiting the Emirates Auto National Museum. The collection of luxury and off-road vehicles will blow your mind. Besides, the museum features a captivating pyramid structure, which is truly astonishing.

Final words

The lavishness that Abu Dhabi features gives immense competition to UAE’s Dubai. Therefore, don’t worry about facing a dull moment as long as you are in the city. These iconic attractions of the city will keep you busy.