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12 Best Places to Visit in Fujairah 2024

12 Best Places to Visit in Fujairah 2024

Far away from the hubbub of city life in the United Arab Emirates, there is a place named Fujairah which is quite popular among the tourists. If you look for a place to relax and weave memories then this is your ultimate holiday destination. This is a city which is boomed with industrialization in modern days. Yet for the people of the UAE and the tourists, this place presents beautiful beaches and antiquities which will make you marvel at nature’s creation. Separated by the Hajar Mountains from the rest of the UAE, this place marks the beautiful blend of nature and mankind creation. It has a coastline on the Gulf of Oman and with the capital being Fujairah city; this emirate has a population of more than a million.

Best Places to visit in Fujairah


Here are the lists of 12 most popular places which must be visited if you plan a trip to this beautiful Emirate.

Fujairah Fort

Fujairah Fort UAE

Although it is an old ancient fort built in 1670, this fort attracts most tourists because it speaks of the cultural heritage of UAE. This fort is well renovated and the pathway to the fort has colourful floodlights which will make it easier for you to drive to the fort even late at night. The view from the top of the Fort is wonderful.

In the early part of the twentieth century, the British attacked the fort thereby destroying the only stone made fort of the city. This fort has been renovated well and tourists can see the old heritage come back to life. This fort has several halls and two towers one of which is square in shape while the other is round. This fort is on top of a hill above sea level. There is a Heritage Arabic village near the fort which will give you a taste of the old houses and lifestyle of ancient Arabic farmers.

Al Hayl Castle


With no entrance fee, you can visit the castle which once belonged to the sheikh of Fujairah. You will get an excellent guide who will show you the historical side of this city. The place is peaceful and the view is amazing. This castle is built more than 200 years ago and acted as a defense mechanism against various attacks.

Although it is ancient, whatever portion is left is well preserved and the mountainous terrain gives you a nostalgic feeling which will take you back to the days when the ruling family used to own the castle. Al Hayl village is nearby and you can taste excellent date juice here.


Masafi village is one of the famous tourist spots and is situated in the entrance of Wadi Ham and sits on the border between Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah. The Arabic term of the word ‘Masafi’ stands for ‘pure water’ and just like its name this place is known widely for its natural springs and their own brand of bottles.

The Friday market in Masafi is quite famous where you can buy whatever necessities you like. This place is protected by the armed forces of the country and in old times it served as a refuelling station which is not the case after the highway was built.

Al Badiyah Mosque


If you truly want to feel the heritage of UAE, you must visit the oldest mosque which is also popular as the Ottoman Mosque. Although considered to be the oldest, the exact time period could not be figured out because this structure is made only with mud, bricks and stones. Since there is no trace of wood in the structure, carbon dating has not been possible. This structure has an area of 570sq.ft. and consists of helical domes, prayer halls, mihrab, beautifully decorated windows.

Named after the city that once was present near this place, this mosque is an example of excellent knowledge of engineering skills of the old times. A huge iron tomb is found in the graveyard which is towards the north and it dates back to the Iron Age which proves that this place was standing since 4000 years ago. Several historical and archaeological materials have been discovered which dates back to 1000BC.

Ain Al Madhab

Also known as Madhab Spring Park, famous as a family-friendly place, this place has natural hot water springs which have medicinal value. This produces hot sulphuric water which helps in treating several illnesses including pain in certain body parts. If you are having a hectic schedule to meet while travelling across the tourist spots, this is the place where you can sit back and relax. You will love a swim in the warm water or just sit near the springs and enjoy nature’s gift to you.

It is situated just outside the main city of Fujairah and it also has a park where you can enjoy with your family. The bathing area is separate for males and females which makes it comfortable and relaxing. If you are interested in the tradition of the place, you can also enjoy the performance of the locals during the holidays in this place.

Fujairah Museum

Fujirah Museum UAE

If you have the interest to learn about the local history and the archaeological discoveries of the place, then the museum is the best travel destination for you. In the year 1991, this museum was finally opened for tourists and one can find both antiquities and a flavour of the heritage of this place.

If you are going to Fujairah Museum and have extra time then make sure to go for Fujairah East Coast  with your friends and family. It’s a beautiful place to explore.

In total there are five large halls in this museum, two of which house antiquities while the rest have several artefacts to its collection. The main attraction of this museum is a bowl which is made by the shell of an Ostrich egg which is dated to be found around 2500BC. This museum is located to the south of the fort. You can even find artefacts which belong to Iron age and Bronze age.

Awhlah Fort

If you find the stories of the past to be fascinating then you will surely love this destination. This fort has a story behind it. Allah fort is in Aouhlah village and in ancient times the guards used to use the fort as a watchtower to keep an eye on people who entered the emirate wither from the mountains or the seaside. This fort was built for the purpose of guarding the city.

This fort has been renovated in recent times and therefore it has a modern look to it. This fort is an example of the fusion between rich Emirati heritage and the modernity. The interiors are excellent and are made with the purpose of observing the city from all sides. This fort is at a distance of 30 kilometers from the main city.

Fujairah Corniche Bull Butting

Although, we do not support any kind of such activity. But, If you are into watching bullfights or ever thought of doing so, then you must visit the government-sanctioned place for bull butting in Fujairah which takes place every Friday. This is not as deadly as those bullfights in Europe and is done because of providing amusement. There is no bloodshed involved except for cases when the bull goes out of its way and attacks strangers. This game is not played during Ramadan.

This bullfighting is a simple one where one bull has to push the other out of the line or the circle which is drawn on the surface. If there is a draw situation then ten people are appointed from each side who will try to pull the bulls. The bull which backs down first looses. This contest has no money involved in it and the winner receives great respect and that is all! It is a great family event as well as a tourist attraction.

Snoopy Island

Snoopy Island Fujairah

Have you ever thought of trying snorkeling? If you did then Snoopy Island is the ideal place for you. There are several beach hotels on this island. You can spend an entire day appreciating the scenic beauty. This island got its name from the cartoon character Snoopy, the dog as the shape of the island is the same as the shape of that dog. This place is also ideal for people who are interested in marine life as you might come across varieties of aquatic life.

This is a great place to take your family out with you. It is comfortable as well as peaceful. This island is located about a hundred meters offshore from the hotels and resorts in Fujairah. The water is clean enough for you to see various fishes, sharks, turtles and many more.

Wadi Wurayah

One of the most well-known wadis in the UAE and presently closed for the tourists is Wadi Wurayah. This place is of 12,700 hectares and geographically located between Masafi, Khor Fakkan and Bidiyah in UAE. This place has been closed for the tourists to preserve the rich natural heritage of the place which conserves several species of plants and animals.

One of the main attractions of this place is the waterfall and the park which is surrounded by Hajar mountain ranges. This place will make you feel that you are far away from human existence. Nature is found in its true glory and the scenic beauty along with the gorges and the pools in this rugged surface makes the destination one that must be visited.

Bithnah Fort

Al Bithnah fort

This fort is mysterious as no one knows of its origin but it is assumed to be built in 1735 at a distance of 13 kilometres from the main city of Fujairah. This fort was also made to provide safety to the city and to observe the mountain routes for invaders in the past. The fort looks beautiful from the highway and provides road directions from its standpoint.

The structure of the tomb is solid and is made of stones, bricks, etc. it is one of the famous tourist spots and is surrounded by the Hajar Mountains and palm trees. A famous battle known as the battle of Bitnah was fought here. This fort has great historical value and is a wonder among the tourists as well.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Fujairah as an Emirate is proud to have the second-largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates which is of a size similar to three football pitches. This mosque has six minarets and the body of the mosque is white in colour. This mosque is made of granite and marble. It has a large hall which can fit more than thirty thousand worshipers.

The grand structure of the mosque is influenced by Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul where one can find a beautiful blend of Ottoman, Arabic and modern style of art and architecture. Although the mosque is not open to non-Muslim people, yet the beauty of this mosque will lead you to itself.

Therefore whenever you visit the United Arab Emirates, you have your travel destination sorted. I hope that by following this you will have a memorable and relaxing vacation with your friends and family. Take a break from the busy schedule and plan a trip to the beautiful Emirate Fujairah.