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8 Things to do in Abu Dhabi Airport

8 Things to do in Abu Dhabi Airport

If you ever find yourself in a layover in Abu Dhabi Airport, then fret not, this guide has you covered on what you can do with your time there. Your experience in Abu Dhabi airport will be largely determined by how much money you are willing to spend there, along with how long your layover is for. A smaller duration of time at the airport will not give you much time to experience all the activities on this list.

However, if you find yourself having to stop at Abu Dhabi Airport for more than four hours, and you don’t know what you should do, then this list has you covered.

What to do in Abu Dhabi if you are there for a longer layover:

Let’s say you suddenly find yourself having to spend almost eight to twelve  hours at Abu Dhabi Airport. You are in a new country and you don’t really know what to do. However, you want to make the most of your experience and visit Abu Dhabi in the time you have.

Depending on how long your layover is, you may be allowed to leave the airport provided you can return on time. There really won’t be a chance to visit all the beautiful places in Abu Dhabi, but here is a compiled list of nearby locations you should definitely consider visiting:

1) Sheikh Zayed Mosque 

A beautiful mosque that can be visited during your layover time, here you will find the world’s biggest carpet. A massive chandelier adorns this famous building, inspiring guests from world over to take pictures in memory. People belonging to all religions are welcome here between 9 AM to 10 PM every day except Fridays. Keep in mind that you have to be in conservative clothing to gain entry to this mosque.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

2) Louvres Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi location of the famous Louvres opened in 2017, and it has been showcasing glorious artwork ever since. Here you will find collections from various famous artists as well as rotating exhibits from contemporary artists.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

3) Al Ghazal Golf Course

Located just seven minutes from the airport, this is one of the world’s best sand golf courses. Enjoy playing a game while being surrounded by local flora and birds. If you want to visit this golf course, you should have more than three hours to spare to really enjoy it.

Al Ghazal Golf Course

4) Desert Safari

If the layover time is 24 hours then you can go for Dubai Desert Safari which is one of the most popular tourist activities. All you have to is to contact us and we will take you any one of the below safari tours:

These are just a few of the places near Abu Dhabi airport that you can visit. One way to reach them is by taking the public A1 bus that connects the airport terminals to the city centre. They run every 40 minutes and are available all day. At just $1 a ticket, this is the cheapest and easiest way to get to the city. Alternatively, you could also take a taxi. But a taxi costs $7 one way to get to the city centre.

What to do in Abu Dhabi if you are there for a shorter layover:

Many layovers are only for a few hours, sometimes even less. What do you do at Abu Dhabi airport when there is not enough time to leave?

1) Eat All You Want

There are many locations in the airport even after security that are open 24 hours a day. If you want a cheaper meal, you can opt for something from McDonald’s or Burger King. More expensive options include the O’Learys Sports Bar and the Montreaux Jazz Cafe. If you are really on a budget, you can find an affordable meal from the Starter Supermarket in Skypark, located opposite the airport.

Mcdonald or burger king

2) Make use of the airport lounges

Not everyone is aware of this, but many airport lounges are actually paid to use. That means you do not need to be flying executive class or have premier membership to access these. Simply pay and relax in these executive airport lounges at Abu Dhabi. You can even shower inside some of these lounges. Some of them also have printers and faxes that you can use for work.

Indulge in Duty free shopping

3) Duty-Free Paradise

Make full use of all the luxurious brands available to you in the airport, especially since they are duty-free! Basically, anything you buy from the duty-free shops in the airport is free from taxation provided they fall within your customs allowance. Splurge all you want, because you’re actually saving money!

4) Wi-Fi and Computer Kiosks

Not everyone stopping on the layover will have free time. Some people may be busy and some may prefer to work. Abu Dhabi Airport provides free Wi-Fi everywhere. You can also make use of the computer kiosks at every terminal to finish your work.

Wi Fi and Computer kiosks

The Abu Dhabi Airport also has hotels where you can sleep, spas that provide full-body massages as well as many other amenities. Before you know it, your layover period will be over and you will be on your way to your destination.